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Hi. Just purchased at the very end of August before Omega raised the list price to $4500 (so $3150's probably about the best you're going to get right now from an AD). I'd go lower if I could confirm a watch I want is still on the market (Ingenieur 3227 listed on this forum).

Bought the version w/ the strap (only one AD had) & bought the correct model bracelet separately.

Near mint (I couldn't find anything on it, but there is probably a mark or two on the links I removed). Probably a mark or two on the underside lugs if you pull out a loupe. Again, I didn't see anything of note.

Bought from AD & includes everything you would expect: Double box, all cards, receipt, stamped warranty, etc.

Why sell? I *really* want an IWC Ingenieur 3227-01. Plus I'm also having some trouble getting the perfect fit, even after buying the 1/2 link from Ofrei. And I also bought a Nomos Zurich (which I may list later) last month so I'm watch poor. That said, the urge may abate & I might just buy a second 1/2 link if I don't see any real interest in the next day or so.

Dial mark & any other irregularities in photo is reflection of me from crystal. Email if you'd like additional shots.


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