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Omega speedmaster display back :


Frequently asked questions on display back :

Which models of speedmasters are originally available with display backs ?

Only the Speedmaster Professional is originally available with a display back , sold since 1980

Is it possible to convert a Speedmaster to display back ?

Yes it is and I will explain how to do it on this page

Is is also possible to convert a vintage Speedmaster ?

Yes it is from the model 105.002 up to the most recent models , I have personnally converted two speedmasters to display back , one vintage 105.012 dated 1965 and one 145.022

Is it possible to convert other models than the Professional to display back ?

Yes it is possible to convert the Speedmaster Broad Arrow with a display back , but you will need to build a special spacer, but it is not possible to convert other models such as the reduced, the date or the day/date

Is there any difference between the standard Speedmaster Professional and the display back version appart this feature ?

Yes there are , Omega chose to decorate the movement in their display back versions , the pieces are finished with geneva waves , some pieces are polished, and the Delrin brake is replaced with a metal brake , the caliber reference is different , it is the caliber version 863 / 1863 instead of the 861 / 1861

Have all the display back versions a sapphire crystal ?

No , this is not linked , even if Omega carry today in their line of products only one version of the display back speedmaster which is equipped with the sapphire crystal. Omega used to sell in the past some Speedmasters with the display back and the hesalite crystal

Is it possible to convert a speedmaster with the sapphire crystal ?

No it is not possible , there are some differences in the case

Where can I find a display back ?

you can buy it from Omega or try to find one on e-bay : they pop out regularly

Do I really need a spacer to fit my display back ?

Yes you need one or the movement might wobble in the case : we will come back to this point.

Is the Omega display back the only solution ?

No it is not , a good watchmaker should be abble to built a display back from the original back , but in this case the operation will not be reversible

In which material is the glass from the Omega display back ?

It is in sapphire

Is the conversion an easy operation ?

Yes I would say so , but if you have NO experience with oppening a watch you might prefer to have it made by any good watchmaker

Do it yourself display back conversion

Disclaimer : if you intend to do this conversion by yourself you do it at your own risk and it might void the manufacturer warranty and affect the water resistance of your watch. The webmaster of this site declines all responsability in case you might make any damages to your watch doing this process

I am obliged to make this disclamer but the operation is not THAT risky ...

Step 1 : the tools

The required tools are : a watchcase oppener for screwed backs , a small watchmaker screwdriver, clean papers and a dust blower may be required

You can buy the watchcase oppener at any good watchtools supplier ; you might try Otto Frei : or you can buy thoses on e-bay


Step 2: Required parts

You need of course the display back but also a SPACER ; this part is absolutly needed to avoid the movement to wobble in the case , you can either buy the Omega spacer which is a platic molded part or use a gasket as I have done for this conversion.


Step 3: Oppening the caseback

Use the case oppener to unscrew the caseback , a certain force may be required , be CAREFULL not to slip doing this or you may make VERY big scratches on the caseback


Step 4: Removing the inside cover

The Speedmaster professional is equipped with an inside cover which protects the movement (against magnetic field) but which also blocks the movement inside the case : there are no screws blocking the movement to the case like in "traditionnal" design

This cover is removed carefully using a small watchmaker screwdriver


Step 5: Discovering the movement

you can now enjoy the beauty of the movement : the movement of this example is a 861 prior to 1992 with its rose gold finish, the Speedmasters from 1992 to 1998 have a yellow gold finish and the one from 1998 to nowadays have a rhodium finish

be carefull not to drop anything in the movement, you can eventually blow any particules with the dustblower now


Step 6: Placing the spacer

you need to place the spacer in its correct position , if it is the Omega spacer it is very easy to put in place, if you use a gasket you need to carefully check if it is correctly placed before closing the watch


Step 7 : You are done !

Srew the display back now (avoid any fingerprints inside the glass) , screw it fermly in order to insure water resistance and please have your watch checked for water resistance by a watchmaker

That's it !

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