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I've been a Speedy Pro owner for over 2 years (3570.50) and a Monaco owner for a little less than a year (2113, now discontinued). I love both watches and they are the two most worn from my modest collection (the other one that I wear on a daily basis is my Longines moonphase, during work, where I'm dressed in a suit all day), but despite the funky square dial and the arresting blue/white combo of the Monaco, the simplicity and sheer versatility of the Speedmaster makes me go back to it every time. They are both great watches, with as everyone has stated, great history and heritage and I admire both brands, but subjectively speaking, the Speedmaster feels special every time I put it on after a few weeks of spending time in the box. Add to it the number of straps you can play around with (including mesh) and the Speedy Pro is a watch that truly cannot be beat. If I was ever forced to choose only one, it would be the Speedy. Thankfully, such a difficult choice is not mine to make :)

If you are looking at the new Monaco models, which come with sapphire crystal and see thru caseback, I cannot comment on them (the one I have has plastic, much like my Speedy) but many here on this forum seem to think that the newer version actually looks more worthy of the price tag because it doesn't look as "cheap" as the older model with plastic. Of course, I got mine pre-owned from a local dealer (in great condition I might add) and did not have to pay the ridiculous prices that Tag have set for it, but if you are hoping to pick one of these brand new (which means you would have to pick the newer Calibre 17 Moncao, not the Calibre 12 than I'm talking about) then on price alone Speedy would again be the sure winner in this case.

Finally, contrary to what others say, I feel the fit of the Monaco on my wrists is stellar. It isn't (IMHO) uncomfortable at all and looks retro funky, an attention grabber for sure. In fact, as OzO has said, it has the same dimensions, pretty much as the Speedy. Someone even posted comparison pics of the two when I was asking around the forum, stating that they felt the same when worn and this is certainly true in the case of my nearly 6 3/4 inch wrists. Also, as Perseus has said, if you plan on having a small collection (like I do), the Monaco really adds flavour. It is so distinctly different than anything that I enjoy wearing it for that reason alone.

Best of luck with whatever decision you make and do let us know about it!
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