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Omega 'Stuff'

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A bit of fun...

What Omega branded 'stuff' do you own or have you seen that is not a watch. :)

It can be boxes, magazines, advertising, buildings, official accessories, whatever... EXCEPT A WATCH.

Post some pics - tell us where you got/saw it.
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I'll start the ball rolling by posting some freebies I got during a visit to the Omega Museum in Biel after Baselworld this year...

First up, a hardback 'Omega the collection' catalogue, complete with official price list.
It runs through all watches available grouped by sub-brand with some history and technical description thrown in.
287700CHF for the platinum tourbillon pictured in case anyone's wondering :)

Product Material property Brand Watch Fashion accessory
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Next the 'Omega Lifetime' magazine.
This one is the Spectre edition and was a favourite with my kids.
Reasonably good articles on aston martins, the stars, real spy/assasin weapons, clothes, cocktails, set design and an article on all the Omega watches used in Bond movies. Most interesting was some history on the seamaster used by the SBS and the origins of the NATO strap.
And all with no adverts - except Omega product placement everywhere - which suits me :)

Album cover Poster Movie
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Probably the strangest freebie at the Omega Museum was a game!
The very friendly staff asked if my kids liked watches and that they were lucky to visit at the moment as they had some spare games.
Out came this trivia game for up to 4 players and hours of fun of competitive WIS Dads thrashing their kids at obscure watch facts can entail :)
Solid Sedna gold counters were very generous for a freebie. ;-)

Box Brand Material property Chocolate Fashion accessory
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Love the snowglobe - essential watch accessory! :)

Here's one more from my trip - a quick snap of the Omega HQ from across the road in the Museum.

Building Architecture Residential area Neighbourhood Property
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Bond pens:
Ok Ken, what's your secret, where do you get all this stuff from? Is this swag/freebies that came with a purchase or are you really Daniel Craig?
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I almost feel relieved now ' confession' time is over amongst those who will understand!
You paid money for that stuff?

Yes you have a problem.

So I wake up this morning, check the thread, and 24 hours later Ken is still posting!

I think he's finished now though - he's down to small bags and ribbons... :)
I have some of the cleaning cloths, pens, baseball caps, Lifetime magazines, etc mentioned by others here. Pin badges, standard acrylic shop stands, the Journey .... Bible, lanyard, various other books, Omega and Omega/Bond stuff. However compared to Ken I'm a rank amateur obviously LOL.
One picture with them all in - c'mon you know you want to...

Hang on... did you say Bible? :-s
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So I finally purchased my first Omega (I felt like a bit of a fraud hanging out here without one ;-) ).
I was expecting it to come in a red leather box I see so often in posts, but to my surprise it came in a really nice wooden box:

Box Packaging and labeling

My biggest disappointment?

No free snowglobe :-(

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nice stuff ILW. .. giving Ken a run for his money! I'm adding bobsleigh to snow globe for my Christmas list :)
I love all the stuff on this thread, but Ken that watch tray might be the first I would actually use.
I'm building a mental image of your home office and it ain't minimalist! :)
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