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And of course I knew they would have a booth, before I traveled to Basel, because Patrik already contacted me upfront and we scheduled an appointment. Funny though, because this was the first time we met "officially". All previous times we met at Baselworld, we met on the outskirts of the halls, sitting on the floor and having a look at Patrik's latest creations. It's obvious that GoS watches made a huge step forward!

And this goes for their watches as well. Although they used some fine Unitas movements in their beautiful and unique watches, the newer models now house movements made in collaboration with Martin Braun (Antoine Martin), which imo is another BIG step forward. I will write about Antoine Martin (their Slow Runner is awesome) later.

Back to Patrik Sjögren, his business partner Johan (he's the Gustafson in GoS), and their watches. Let me show you what they are about:

Right! ... Damascus steel, carefully created, and used in their stunning dials, cases, hands ... their watches are not just timepieces, no way, they are an experience, a treat for the eye! In the picture above you can see the model from their "Nordic Seasons" series.

All watch models carry names from nature, like "Nordic Seasons" ("Spring", "Summer", "Autumn", "Winter"), "Lapland Sky", "Lightning", "Aurora" and "Winter Nights". There is only one model I know that carries the name of Stockholm, the city.

Let me show you some more pictures:

As you can see, the damascus steel is worked out on the entire case, both front, side, and back.

The "Lightning" watch Johan was wearing (look at the strap... stitched with tin):

The Nordic Season "Summer":

The Nordic Season "Winter" with a stunning blue damascus steel dial:

Let's finish with some more cool pictures, no, cool watches I mean!

All watches come in a wooden box (shown above), also from Scandinavia of course.

Every dial is a piece of art. Do you agree?

Like every single watch by GoS!

Once you get to buy and wear one of these watches, you sure have something special, a watch that will be noticed, a watch you will talk about.

Final verdict? More POWER to GoS Watches. Thanks Patrik and Johan for having us, we hope to see much more of your outstanding creations in the near future.

Visit the GoS Watches website

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Very nice indeed. Smart to keep the dial spartan and let the design speak for itself. I especially like the hands (yes. I'm a huge complainer about illegible watch faces) I wonder what that style of hand is called ? Nordic Sword?

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These watch cases are an absolute treasure - the idea that that they were hand crafted with nearly forgotten or summarily ancient forging technology makes them tremendously unique. (For me 45mm is too large but I like to run small.) Though these timepieces are no "Patek" the effort put into them is certainly comparable.
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