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For you Vostok fans, Meranom informs me that the lift angle of the auto is 42 degrees and any amplitude over 200 is fine.
My Dirskie is running at 255 degrees .

I didn't specifically ask about the manual winds but expect they will be exactly the same.
Vostok 22mm calibers (2209, 2214, 2234 etc) run 46° lift.

Vostok 24mm calibers (2409, 2414, 2415, 2416b, 2426, 2432 etc) run 42° lift. There is no difference in lift angle between manual wind and auto (I've transplanted balances from manual to auto wound movements quite successfully). I can't say if the 42° lift angle holds true for older 24mm movements such as the 2403.

Vostok 28mm calibers (2809) run 44° lift.

Hastily spouted for your befuddlement
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