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The Great Opening of HARTDING - 1903 in Dresden, Germany, the extraordinary location for fine watches
Credits: text and images by courtesy of DEUTSCHES UHRENPORTAL

As previously announced the official opening event of the exclusive watch boutique HARTDING - 1903, "Exceptional Watches and Creations" in Dresden, was celebrated on May 11th 2012.

The team of DEUTSCHES UHRENPORTAL was on site.

Photo: Marco Lang the founder and owner of the new watch boutique HARTDING - 1903 in Dresden, Germany

HARTDING - 1903 for the customer initially an unusual name for an equally unusual watch store.
Who or what is it and who are the people and the story behind.

Initiator Marco Lang, a founding member of the watchmaker, "Lang & Heyne" in Dresden, the son of a major watchmaking dynasty, seamlessly set up on the traditions of his ancestors in the watchmaking craftmanship. His grandfather, Richard Hartding was the person who took the plunge into entrepreneurship, when he opened his own watch company in 1903.

HARTDING - 1903 is far from being a run-of-the-mill watch and jewelry store: In addition to sales and consulting, it is the primary goal of the company to promote the small and independent watch brands. The company's portfolio includes, therefore, small manufacturers, usually also members of the AHCI, the Association of Independent High End Watchmaking. Independence and love for their respective products are properties that all have in common.

The following brands are currently represented at HARTDING - 1903:

You will find HARTDING - 1903 at:

"Exceptional Watches and Creations"
Schloßstraße 16
D-01067 Dresden

Now several impressions about the great opening of this extraordinary location:

The HARTDING - 1903 shop is located in the newly constructed and recently opened building of the exclusive Swissotel in the heart of Dresden city center, opposite the famous castle.
HARTDING - 1903 is extraordinary and unusual for a watch store, refreshing, very fine and attractive.

The customer comes in, feel comfortable and gets immediately the feeling of something very special.

The watches are not - as usual - kept and stored in glass cases, but are presented in blck coloured safes.

At the great opening of HARTDING - 1903 the CEO, Marco Lang, opened the vaults by himself.

During Marco Lang opened the door of the safe, the numerous guests enjoyed the welcome by a glass of prosecco.

Many visitors and journalists were excited to get some of the very unusual watch creations presented and to admire and to engage in technical discussions with the different watchmakers being present during the exhibition.

Marco Lang proved to be a perfect host. He did a personal tour with us around the major points in the shop, explained the various exhibits and watches and introduced the several watch manufacturers, who were on site.


The perfect watch for the business man: during a meeting he can discreetly keep an eye on the time, as it can be focused even between the two lugs.

Also from Andersen the EROS Geneve XL


Located in the Netherlands C. Van der Klaauw is specializes in very complex astronomical wristwatches.

We were impressed by the COMPLICATION RETRO MOON. The name of the watch already implies the retrograde moon phase.


An artist coming from Ukraine. He presented watches made entirely from wood the so called tree cancer, that is more or less dead wood.

The woodcarvers and manufacturer of those exceptional watches, has been trained as a fine carpenter like before his father and grandfather.

Professionally, he was next to furniture restoration also busy trying to repair old watch cases. Sometimes he missed important small parts that could not be raised any more. So he has simply copied and made the pieces from wood by himself.

The artist has probably designed the smallest wooden wheel-watch in the world, and now he wants to get part of the Guiness Book of World Records.

The movement has a working diameter of only 25 millimeters.

All single parts, except the mainspring and the balancewheel spring, are made from wood.

These watches, or rather art, not only amazed ourselves, even the expert was thrilled and fascinated. :)


The Austrian watchmaker HABRING from Völkermarkt, gave us informations about his recent creations. We are happy to be informed and got attention for this event from Mr. Habring.

Since the beginning in late 2004, every HABRING² is made-to-measure produced by hand, using components of highest quality.

We admired the recently presented timepiece, the split seconds chronograph Habring ², also known as "Doppel 2.0″ (Double 2.0).

A beautiful, very sophisticated mechanical clock for the watch enthusiast, who wants to record time intervals during sporting events. The automatic caliber Valjoux 7750 has been modified to become a manual winding movement and is additionally equipped with a pointer mechanism designed and crafted by Habring, Austria.

Stefan Kudoke we met last time in Basel, during the Basel World. We enjoyed meeting him again in Dresden.

He presented not only his "innovations" the White Flower and the Golden Dragon also already well-known pieces, including Excentro and KudOktopus.


Due to the complete finishing of the movements by hand and the resulting high cost, Stefan Kudoke is making only a very limited number of watches. Therefore, no collection in the classical understanding exists. Each KUDOKE is unique.

MARCO LANG, the founder of HARTDING - 1903 was born in 1971 in Thuringia, Germany and moved at the age of four years to Dresden with his parents and his sister. Since his early childhood Marco Lang could see watchmaking over the shoulder of his father Rolf Lang in the fifth generation.

Rolf Lang suggested that his son should first of all learn the basics of metal working and sent him to Glashuette for three years to serve as an apprentice in precision mechanics. Again, in this important historic town, Marco was inevitably inspired by the watch-making tradition. Today he is creating in his workshop in Dresden fine watches which he sells to watch enthusiasts around the world. His watches are named after famous Saxon princes and also displays the history of this famous watchmaking area.

With a classical, symmetrical division of the dial, Lang & Heyne integrates in the watch-model "Moritz" all the calendar functions of a full calendar. The solid silver dial is, according to the tradition, pickled white and then dyed champagne.

The moon disc as well as the earth disc is cut in gold and enameled with the technique "Champlevé".

Above the crown, the date, the month and the declination can be changed rapidly. Two sunk-in correctors serve as the regulation of the moon phase and the day of the week.

The famous Glashütte 3/4 plate is also part of the LANG& HEYNE timepieces.

When people talk about materials in the world of watchmaking today, they usually mean new alloys or even silicon. But not at LANG & HEYNE in Dresden. "There's no way that I would allow such an unappealing material coming from the mass production of computer chips to be used for my watches." That´s the understanding of Marco Lang about traditional and handcrafted watchmaking.

People visiting the Dresden art collection marvel at the precious carvings that even include watches completely made of ivory. What would happen if we would combine this elegance with the precision of a LANG & HEYNE watch? Following this idea and together with Alexander Babel, a watch enthusiast with Russian roots, the Lang & Heyne watchmakers investigated the unique features of the material and have now presented the result: the L&H "Caliber I" featuring ivory plates and bridges.

Of course there is no harm to any elephants. The tusk for the limited series of 25 watches comes from a mammoth that died more than 10,000 years ago with its tusk surviving in the Russian permafrost soil.

The fine structure and cream-white colour of the ivory match perfectly with the finely manufactured metal work pieces creating a real treat for the eyes of the beholder. This splendid work is encased in the "Friedrich August I" and "Johann von Sachsen" models, depending on the personal preference of the future owner.


Marc Jenni never wanted to become a watchmaker. However, at some point it must have been written in his genetics that he would share both his father and grandfather's passion. So he started to study the art of watchmaking and spent therefore 4 years as an apprentice with Paul Gerber in Zurich, a worldwide respected master-watchmaker.

Thanks to AHCI, Marc Jenni could present his first creation at the Basel World 2010. It took him almost two years to proceed from a passionated idea to a finished product. The watches of Marc Jenni are equipped with a ring that rotates around the entire watch case. This ring replaces the traditional crown to adjust the movement. All three basic functions of a normal crown-function can invoke via the selector lever at 4.00 clock in a simple manner.

The finest quality and timeless elegance, the highest precision. The guiding principle of the Haigerlocher watch manufacturer is to build the best and highest-quality living-room watches. The means to realize new ideas with unprecedented structures - in artisan perfection and precision.

The small studio has become the epitome of fine watchmaking over the years - and this not only in Germany but worldwide. Following the principles of classical watchmaking, embodies the desire for each timepiece craft masterpieces.

Reflecting on clocks, inventions, works of art, time. What a chance to take part in the manufacturing of a clock!

Writing down notes on a piece of paper, holding on to the ideas, approaching to each other reality and inspiration. Subordinating himself to the play of cogwheels and levers, producing all components myself, learning new techniques - unknown ways open, ideas flash through the mind of Miki Eleta.

This timekeeper called "PENTOURBILLON" combines a clock with a double flying, three-minute tourbillon. It is powered by a driving-weight and has a seconds pendulum, while the extra-long hands keep precision time. All the axes are mounted on tiny ball and jewel bearings. The three-minute tourbillon is clearly visible in the left-hand circle, and functions independently of time-telling. The tourbillon's rotation time is irrelevant here, the main purpose being to illustrate the magic of the tourbillon. The tourbillon carriage is adorned with a symbolic representation of night (a lapis lazuli moon) and one of day (an amber bead for the sun). The petals of the flower in the background open mechanically during the day and close at night. The timepiece is a philosophical interpretation of cyclical and linear time.

Paul Gerber, a well trained watchmaker and repairer, lives in Zurich since 1970 and works since 1976 in his own workshop. Again and again the creative watchmaker surprised the public by new developments of complex mechanisms.
Last year the development and production of a new movement calibre 41 in his own studio was prioritized. There is an automatic movement emerged with 100 hours power reserve and three synchronous speed rotors. The date was planned as large, positioned at 3 o´clock on the edge of the dial and can be adjusted forwards and backwards.

Precision pendulum clocks by Philippe Wurtz (PW) are masterpieces from a technical point of view, like mechanical sculptures, whose elegantly simple design invites you to discover the diversity of its subtleties. Gold plated wheels, a minimalistic dial, which is reduced to two rings and no trace of rustic wood cabinets as they are usually taken in conjunction with clocks.

All watches are designed to be maintenance free. To achieve this, all the gears and shafts rotate in dry, non lubricated ball bearings. To keep oxidation away from the small bearings ceramic balls are in use.

Only PW-watches come along with a planetary gear. This complex construction allows the clock continuous running even during the lift.

The precision pendulum "GRAMAT" is the only clock at present time operating within partial vacuum.

With a patented process, the density of the trapped air is kept at a very constant value. The sensor is a glass sphere with a volume of about one liter. Their buoyancy is dependent on the density of air, and is adjusted permanently by a small vacuum pump. Thus, simultaneously the influence of temperature, pressure and humidity are detected and compensated.

Thus, the pendulum is shielded from atmospheric influences. The pump is housed in the base of the clock.

The GRAMAT achieved superior accuracy. A deviation of less than half a second per month is achievable. Watchmaking "Made in Germany" at its finest.

Awarded in different invention fairs, Aniceto Jiménez Pita, a self-taught watchmaker and AHCI member has been passionate about watches since his early childhood. Aniceto creates his timepieces from idea inception to final personalization.

Symmetric case, no crown and one, two or three hand versions. Increasing usability and simplicity of design, avoiding complications.

Pita-001 movement featuring patented Pita-TSM System (Time Setting Mechanism), replacing remontoire and winding systems made by PITA in limitied edition.

At the newly launched diver's watch PITA eliminates the mechanical linkage between the housing and the movement. The connection operates via a magnetic coupling. This guarantees a water resistance of up to 500 bar, as the body has no more openings.

Photo: Some of AHCI-members, starti
ng from front left: Pita jun. and Aniceto Jiménez Pita, Philippe Wurtz, Miki Eleta, Marco Lang, Marc Jenni.


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Many thanks,

for publishing this presentation, Ernie.

I consider this shop being a circus of vanity.
On one hand there are respected and established watchmakers and on the other hand there are offered watches made from wood and mammoth ivory.
I wonder when they will proudly present the world's first watch made from yorkshire pudding. o|
Rumours say, that next year they will celebrate the shop's 110th anniversary :-d

Some of their vaults they should keep closed forever, IMHO.

Volker ;-)
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