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Opinions on this Raketa 24

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This isn't the fancy 2 time zone ones I seen but it is very clean. I like the color but the height of the glass seems a bit too much. What do you guys think?

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The Glass seems so big. Is this the same for the 2 crown watches?
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I hesitate to offer an opinion on authenticity but this Raketa just looks wrong to me. The huge dome of a crystal is the most obvious thing but the font and proportions of the dial layout don't look right to me either. I''m still a newbie but for what it's worth, I would not buy this watch but hold out instead for something that passes the smell test in the forum.
Mark Gordon has one Raketa with a similar dial design, item 0840. [] The dial has the same hour and minute markings and the same font but in his example they are pulled further towards the center whereas the one from this thread has the marking closer to the perimeter of the dial. (This might be a lensing effect from the bulbous domed crystal).

The case and hands are different also, although the hands of Mark's example look peculiar to me and don't seem to relate to the markings on the dial, aesthetically or functionally.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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