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Opinions on this Raketa 24

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This isn't the fancy 2 time zone ones I seen but it is very clean. I like the color but the height of the glass seems a bit too much. What do you guys think?

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The Glass seems so big. Is this the same for the 2 crown watches?
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This isn't the fancy 2 time zone ones I seen but it is very clean. I like the color but the height of the glass seems a bit too much. What do you guys think?

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The Glass seems so big. Is this the same for the 2 crown watches?
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To be honest, I never saw this kind of dial before, and the shape of the crown looks strange. But I am not certain, you need comments from more experienced members.
Judging by the appearance it just does not look "right". The case is a common and original Raketa case with correct crystal, used in many models, but the content - at least the dial and hands - appears to be lifted from a 24-hour "Polar Explorer" without the outer rotating ring. I do not feel comfortable with it at all.
Agree! I found a couple of similar Raketas sold by a Russian seller on the bay (I guess they're either fake or franken). On their dials, the word 'Paketa' is right below the number 24
you're right about the seller (reckness). I did look nice.

Why is it so hard to find a paketa 24 hr now? Were they not made so much?
I don't think it is really hard to find one, problem is that you need to be patient enough to get one in decent condition at a fair price, as lots of Raketa 24hrs on the bay are way too overpriced.
My theory is that, if prospective buyers see "NOS Raketas" at $30 they would get suspicious, so the vendors of the fraudulent pieces just put up the prices to give an illusion that they are genuine!
unfortunately, more and more sellers are using this trick
I found another one and I was so happy until I noticed that it's missing a second hand? I talked to the seller(100%, but doesn't deal in watches) and he has no idea. I guess he doesn't know much about watches in general.
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Original owner so he has papers. Said he bought it 20 years ago
phillyj, you're right, the second hand is missing, I also contacted the seller, and he told me the watch was not new when he bought it. Plus, do you think the shipping cost listed is too much ( for CONUS)??
Yes, it is a bit high but judging from his other items(fragile china,...) , he may also give insurance, etc.

My max is $50 including shipping so I'm still taking my time
phillyj, I just received my 2 time zone raketa this afternoon, it's basically same as the one you showed (the one mssing second hand). Mine has gold coating on the case.

for your reference, it cost me 21.5 Euros + 8 Euros (s/h) to US

Good luck!
I just want to know if I should disregard this model from my search. It is a 2614 movmt which is a 12 hour movement. Can I safely guess that this was put together from leftover pieces.
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The seller is tiger_antiques I know is not a good seller.

However, I have seen other watches like this so I want to know if this style is legit?
It is a franken, look at the hands, and make a comparison with the photos at
Yes, m-watches is one of the official dealers of Raketa so the items there are the legit ones.
I think that they were made in 2003-4 if I'm not mistaken
Based on the paperwork coming along with my Raketas bought from m-watches, they were made in April 2009
What do you guys think about these 2. They go for $50. I haven't been able to spot anything for less:
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Are they sold as 'new' on the bay?
If the seller claims 'it is new without tags', most likely they're franken, unfortunately.
Hmm, just checked the forums. The seller is progress69.

He seems to have a bad rep here but he has both frankens and real watches. I guess I'll stay away from that

Edit: I just learned of the off-center 23 in polar models. This is fake, I think.
To me, the hands in your photos look weird. Progress69, I know this seller, I think you need to check the items he/she sells very carefully, as some of them are OK, some of them are made up with mixed/unmatched parts.
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