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I needed a dress watch fast as I start a new job tomorrow, and since watches are so expensive here in Thailand relative to the US, I decided I really wanted to buy something on the cheap side, as I'd lose less by way of purchasing here that way. I had been browsing Orient watches online for a while, and came upon this ER27009B0 model, and its beauty, simplicity (and price) really struck me. If it matters, the exact model number here in Thailand for this watch is FER27009B0, I'd be curious to know exactly what that "F" is if anybody knows.

I went shopping with no real solid plans to buy, and quickly found they didn't have the ER27009B0 watch at the Orient booth at Siam paragon. Yet, after some skilled salesmanship by Orient's nice Thai employees, who seemed very knowledgeable by the way, we found the watch I wanted on the woman's cell phone, and she said they could have it in 2 hours if paid in full now. I figured for $140 bucks, why not. While enjoying my overly expensive Starbucks hot chocolate and pastry, I was pleasantly surprised to get a call, the watch had arrived in about an hour.

I copied MOT524's review of his Orient Classic Automatic Sapphire SER02002B to use as a template by the way. I actually ended up just copying his entire "Movement" section, since it is the same movement. I hope he doesn't mind. Also, please take my review with a grain of salt, beginning watch collector here :)

THE BASICS (be sure to note there may be slight difference between my model and a US based model)
Classified as one of Orient's "Classic Automatic" pieces; watch is listed as a "Symphony" model on Orient USA
Polished stainless steel case, 50m water resistant (US based model says 30m)
Power reserve at about 40 hours
Mineral crystal
40mm case diameter, 12mm case thickness
Movement: 48749 (487 "ER"?), 21 jewels, 21600 BPH, no hack or handwind
Polished and brushed stainless steel bracelet with fold-over clasp, hollow end links See through caseback

People can decide for themselves based on the photos, but I'll just mention that to me the design is classic with some beautiful modern overtones to it. Most definitely a dress watch, yet, I wore it yesterday with some nice shorts and a T-shirt and I think it looked great and really made my entire outfit come alive a little. The watch will add a little class to whatever it is paired with in my opinion.

If there is any light in the room at all, the dial markers are very easy to see. They are a brilliantly reflective silver and stand out immensely against the black dial color. No lume of course, I did try to read the watch in a very dark room, and it was not possible. The watch is extremely legible and very easy to read from almost any angle. I am very impressed by the dial because it is simple, elegant and beautiful, yet effective. There are minute markers on a little upwardly slanting ridge on the outside edge of the dial and it really is easy to read exactly where the second and minute hands are when in between marks (e.g. 33 minute mark). In essence, it is a very pragmatic design, while maintaining its simplistic beauty. The hands are "sword" style, they both have a subtle raised center point extending down the spine (see Orient's diagram of the watch). The second hand is very thin and delicate, yet still stands out brilliantly against the black dial. The crystal sticks up above the case about 0.2mm I'd say (not that I measured that). I'll also note, I don't think the manufacturer's flat diagram does this watch justice at all, it is much more beautiful than that.

I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking here. Short version: the bracelet is a combination of brushed and polished. It has 2 what I believe are micro adjustment holes on it. I just don't feel qualified to speak about it too much, other than the fact that I have enjoyed it so far, and really have no problems with it aside from an occasional hair tug (My arms compare with those of an ape's when it comes to hair). I also think it looks amazing on this watch. I noticed in the store this watch seemed to be more popular on leather, yet I personally really prefer it on a bracelet.

MOVEMENT (copied directly from MOT524's Orient Classic Automatic Sapphire SER02002B review)
The movement is a "48749" which seems to be more commonly known as a 487 or simply "ER." I can't really find any information on it other than what I listed above. The rotor has Tokyo stripes which look great. Otherwise the movement is undecorated. The rotor spins freely and is very quiet. The seconds hand has a smooth, consistent sweep except for a tiny amount of roughness around 3 o'clock that could just be my imagination. Setting the time is extremely smooth and feels great.
Since I've only had the watch for a day and a half I can't say much about its accuracy but so far it's running +9 seconds/day. Based on other forum posts I expect this to settle down to +4 or +5 after a few weeks
(I made an accuracy section which I'll be updating). I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't have miracle accuracy like many people seem to get with their Orients out of the box, but I'm still satisfied with +9.
As for the lack of hacking and handwinding, I used to be interested in these things but realized that I just don't care. I'd say it arguably does hand-wind since I can hold it in my hand and swirl it around to wind it. As for hacking, since it's a mechanical watch it's usually going to be off by several seconds anyway so what's the point of the seconds hand pointing at any particular number? These features seem to just add more parts/complication to the movement, i.e., more things to break, for minimal practical value. I have an $80 Kenneth Cole skeleton watch with a Sea Gull movement that hacks and handwinds so it's not anything super special, and its movement doesn't "feel" as good as the Orient's.

The watch came in a beautiful orient box, which was contained in a thin white cardboard box. There was no user's manual, but there is one online (link below). The watch also came with the 1 year international warranty booklet and a cleaning cloth. A picture is worth a thousand words…..

I bought this watch from the Trocadero Group dealer at Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand. The girls behind the counter were great. They don't seem to have everything in their display case, but I know now if they don't have what you want, they can get it for you quick if you pay up front (and they will probably have a similar model you can try on of course). Here is the link to the watch from the company I bought from. They discounted it 20% off that listed price, which came to about 4,200 baht (about $140 usd).

ACCURACY (I'll update this in the coming days)
-Between last night and now the watch has gained/lost 0 second in about 15 hours; watch was sitting idle face up for most of those 15 hours. Watch was purchased 2 days ago, so it did have a little time to settle before these initial readings.
-Update at 24 hours now, and it made a 10 second jump. So, after 24 hours it is 10 seconds ahead. This was after wearing it all day.
-Update at about 48 hours, watch made a huge jump to 83 seconds fast. Been wearing it all day.
-After wearing it for almost 2 weeks now, the accuracy is a bit sporadic. It will be right on for a few days, then it will gain like 30 seconds in a day. I wonder if this is just a break in period. I'll keep tabs on it and update that, as i'm very curious. Something tells me it is going to be accurate after about a month or so, I could be way off though.


Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the watch so far. I'm not sure how that accuracy is going to hold, but even if it starts losing/gaining 10 seconds or so a day, that would be fine by me. The movement is obviously -- at the very least -- solid as far as I am concerned at this point, that is all I was looking for with this purchase. I will make one last note... I probably wouldn't have done this review if I wasn't so thrilled with this watch along with its corresponding price, so maybe that in and of itself is reason to believe some of these reviews lean to the positive side. Something to think about anyway. Thanks for reading!!

Feel free to leave any comments or questions.

I forgot to mention that my wrist is about 7 inches, and all the photos are of my actual watch. Also added a last shot with a white dress shirt.


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This watch is just looking amazing!. I like both looks with ss band and with leather... I can not beleive that you get cleaning cloth ?:)...For some reason i find that very cool...As for the watch i can see that it have "Japan Mov't" i think that there is "Made in Japan" version out there, anyone knows something about it? Anyway great looking watch! Enjoy! |>

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I'm glad I bought this with leather. The bracelet looks like junk to be honest.
Funnt to find this fresh review just a day after I ordered one. The bracelet has folded link from what I can see in the pictures. That simply doesn't cut it for me, so I ordered it with a leather strap. I bought it for a friend that will be my photographer on my wedding. I hope he likes it! Now I feel like ordering one for myself as well, because it looks amazing in pictures, and I bet the 40mm size is perfect for a dresswatch as long as you don't have puny wrists. Can't wait to get it, and thanks for the review!

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I just put up the new accuracy info in the original post, although i didn't really put a date on it. Short version is the watch will go stretches of 2 or 3 days of being right on the money, then it will make a huge jump forward in a short amount of time.... around say 30 seconds or more. It is running 2 minutes fast from 5 days ago, which isn't very good i know. Any info on whether the watch may "settle" after a while??

My overall impressions have been as good as I could have expected. I love the watch, and feel great with it on my wrist. I am a little concerned about if the accuracy may settle or not, but that is my only concern, and it is a slight one. For the most part it has been pure enjoyment.

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