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Congratulations, Oogabooga!

That's a very nice watch. Wear it in good health!

I suspect the "ER" means it's one of Orients Calibers that do not hack and that are not handwindable.
Nevertheless a good watch...

The Cal. seams to be the 487 (Have a look here: Orient manuals)

This is what you should do:

[DW(48D), ER(487), NR(557), PF(597)]

(1) Pull the crown out to the first click.
The crown on this watch can be pulled
out to the first and second clicks.

(2) Turn the crown counterclockwise to set
the date indicator to the previous date.
About date correction at month's end:
Date correction is necessary for months
with 30 days or less. In this case, set the
date to the [1st day] on the first day of the
next month.

(3) Pull out the crown to the second click.
The second hand does not stop.
Turn counterclockwise

(4) Turn the crown clockwise and set the
current time.
Since this watch comes with a calendar,
make sure that you set either a.m. or
p.m. without fail.
The date changes at [twelve o'clock
When setting the time, first bring the
hand back slightly later than the actual
time and then move it forward to the
actual time.

(5) Press the crown in to the normal

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