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My Initial Impressions
On to my thoughts - firstly when holding up the watch in my hands, it had the quality feel to it, feels much better built somehow. I will mostly compare it to the Orient Wingman, which I also have, and my Ray Raven. (Yes I have a trifecta of Orient PVD watches.. it wasn't really intended. OR maybe subconsciously intended)

So the dial - I can see why some people are nitpicking about the dial. While the dial follows the traditional pilot's watch format - large minute marking on the outside and small hour marking on the inside ring, this is one Orient that I feel could be better without that logo. I like the logo, but I don't think it fits here. Similarly the italics "Automatic" and "Water Resist" don't need to be on the dial. I feel that if they had the word Orient and just 100m on the dial, but put that logo on the crown would've made for a much more visually uncluttered look. I don't mind the date window though.

The dial takes some getting used to: perhaps it is as designed, I am able to read down to the exact minutes (e.g. 48minutes and half), but am unable to get the hour at a glance and have to stare at it longer to know which hour I'm in.... Usually on a 'normal' watch, I usually read like "3:45ish" when the minute sits between 45 and 50. So in the case where this is probably the intention of the design, this works VERY WELL.

The hands are white and reach the arabic markers exactly, like a pilot's watch should. (The Wingman fell short in this area). The lume isn't as bright as on the Ray Raven's, but it works well enough given that it's white lume instead of the green stuff. (The Wingman also fell short in this area, in fact lume was extremely poor.)

The case is PVD coated, and it seems the PVD coating is nicely applied here. Surprisingly it wears quite a bit smaller than the Wingman. The Wingman had a more traditional case style, with crown guard, so that could give it the illusion of it being larger, but the Flight actually wears very, very well on my 6.5inch wrist - much better than the Wingman did. The caseback is solid compared to the Wingman's and therefore gives it the better-quality impression, which it is. Water resistance is up to 100M.

The crown isn't signed. As I've mentioned above, I felt that the logo could be better used on the crown and left off the dial for less dial clutter.

Leather Strap

The leather strap on the other hand.... while less squeaky than the Wingman's - for whatever reason it feels and bends (and squeaks) like compressed foam... I actually preferred the squeaky Wingman's leather strap to this one. It's a very odd texture to it. But maybe it's just me. Anyway, not a big deal, fixable with a new strap. The buckle is signed, and also brushed PVD black.

This is a nice watch. And quite I'm happy with it. Obviously I have a few things I want to nitpick about it, but for this price?No contest. And with the discount I get for it at sale price? No brainer. I have to have it.

Haven't tested the timekeeping yet as I only just got it, hopefully it would be just as good as my other Orients.

I am toying with the idea to swap the Wingman's dial onto this case and make use of these hands, as I quite prefer the Wingman-style dial by a bit, but it's just an idea (don't even know if they do fit or not). But I am not going to take these watches apart unless I come across parts somehow, and am confident enough to do it myself or got someone to do it for me..

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