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Oris 1965 or Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Skin

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Two Swiss vintage re-issues, with blocky lumed 12-3-6-9 indices, very similar sizes and (at least gray market) similar prices. Which do you go for and why?

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Haters going to hate. I think mine is epic. Just dont like the bezel that much on the Zodiac, otherwise its not bad if you are picking it up for around $500.

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very interested in the wrist size of the guys who flipped the 65 because of size. I have a 7 inch wrist and think it is perfect. In the weeks leading up to purchasing it, I was wearing a 45mm and 42mm watch regularly. I actually think it looks a little bigger than 40mm due to the thin bezel.
I have a 7 in. wrist and for whatever reason the 40mm 65 just felt a little smallish, traded it for the 42mm 65. The 42mm 65 feels better although I still like the 40mm dial design. The 40mm dial in 42mm case would be awesome! I like Oris as a brand.
Interesting, I guess it all comes down to what "feels" right and that is very difficult to quantify sometimes.
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