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Oris 1965 or Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Skin

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Two Swiss vintage re-issues, with blocky lumed 12-3-6-9 indices, very similar sizes and (at least gray market) similar prices. Which do you go for and why?

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I should mention I have no plans to wear either on a bracelet, so the strap that it comes with is mostly irrelevant to me.
Not sure what Watchstation is doing with their pricing but good news for buyers!

Can anybody who has either of these comment on any crown dig? I seem to be pretty sensitive to that.
Both appeal to me as a fan of vintage stuff, but with the sale at Watchstation earlier in the week, I couldn't resist. The clasp on the jubilee is kind of gimmicky and takes a little practice to do with one hand, but I don't hate it. That said, I tried on some different bands this week, and am currently set on this.
Looks great! What size wrist do you have? Have you noticed any crown dig? I seem to be pretty sensitive to it.
I love both and own both myself:

If I had to choose just one, then the

on Instagram: @buchmann.69
Would appreciate your thoughts on why you prefer the 65 :)
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