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I've been posting my two new arrivals in the WRUW threads for the past week and decided it was time to take a few more pictures and start a thread about them. I really need to invest in a light cube as taking photo's at night without better lighting isn't an easy task for me.

I bought these two from Japan about a week apart. I spotted the Oris Col Moschin for a great price and although it had never really been on my radar (with its 49mm diameter) I couldn't pass it up. I've found that quite a few second hand watches in Japan don't come with boxes etc... but this one had them so that was another plus point. The box it comes in is massive - about the same size as my Ploprof arrived in. Inside the large outer card box is the pelican case that holds all of the paperwork, watch and plaque. It feels like your really getting a great overall package with this watch, Oris haven't skimped on the initial impression.

The watch itself does live up to its huge specs. With this in mind though, I was really pleased that it didn't have any overhang on my puny (6.5") wrist. I don't mind wider watches but I can't get used to any overhang at all (that's why I got rid of my 42mm Helson SD). The titanium makes a big difference to a watch of this size in my opinion. My Ploprof is still with Omega currently and my Golden Tuna is with Seiko, so I can't make any direct comparison but I seem to feel that this is lighter than both. The rubber strap is very comfortable, much more so than any Tuna strap I've had and probably more so than the stock Ploprof rubber. I'd say on par with the Isofrane I have.

The strap uses a system of clasp that means you don't need to cut the rubber. In practice this is great but I am really of the limit of the end of the strap going around my wrist. I'm in the final setting and would have to cut it if my wrist was any smaller. I appreciate the power reserve indicator, I do find these useful - especially when it's not on my wrist so I can give it a little wind to keep it charged.

My second new arrival was something of a semi-grail. Ever since moving on from G-Shock's to dive watches the two mechanicals I wanted from the beginning were a H2O Kalmar and a 42mm 2500 Planet Ocean (with the orange bezel and croc strap). I practically ruled out the Kalmar due to the L2L (and have done the 2nd version too) but never seemed to find a PO when I had the money to buy one. I didn't even know Omega did the PO in a 37.5mm size until I saw this one for sale on the same site as the Oris. After doing quite a bit of research on this model and discovering it was released as a women's model I still decided to buy it. The 15% discount that FromJapan run on Rakuten every few months helped make the decision for me.

Upon arrival you can see the packaging does sort of scream "I'm a watch for a female diver" but I can hide that away from almost everyone else. This was another watch that came complete with all of its original boxes and manuals. I was a little startled by its smaller stature initially and although the diameter and length have grown on me and don't feel too small now, I still haven't gotten used to the small width of the strap. I had the choice of the rubber strap or the metal bracelet but as the bracelet was about £400 more, I decided on the strap. I'm pretty glad I did now as if that was the same width I wouldn't have been any happier. I know this is the 3313 call but I was happy to purchase it, even after reading the supposed negative feedback on this and other forums. I don't really use any chrono feature on non-digital watches so hopefully that will never be a problem (I have tested it though and it is fine so far).

Both watches are keeping fair time. The PO is about -3 seconds per day with the Oris being anywhere from -5 to -10 so far. I'll probably have to measure the Oris a little more and try various positions too. One final note is that to my eyes they don't appear too dissimilar in height. That probably helps when it comes to the PO's other measurements - the height helps it look a little larger than it is.

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