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Here comes my very first watch review - even more - I write it after owning the watch for a week. So much for the caveat. I hope you will enjoy it.

I got the watch before I joined the WUS forum, so this review was already posted elsewhere (FOOF)

PHOTOS : see bellow :--: BIGGER photos -> on my Flickr

As I mentioned before - the "watch idea" came from my parents who wanted some present for my 30th birthday. My attitude was a bit indifferent at first, but once I discovered that very most of quality watches are small mechanical jewels (I am a big fan of analog photography in any format) I became very keen on owning one. So just by the end of November 2009 I started looking at mechanical watches on different forums (a BIG thank you to FOOF :2thumbs: ). Soon I go attracted my Oris watches and it was only a question of time to move from TT3 or F1 models to semi classical sport design of Chronoris models. The final decision was also affected by the price - for some reason the watch was offered to me (AD in Cologne) for a very reasonable 1250 euro instead of 1950. Nearly a bargain :lol: So much for the introduction.

Chronoris versus Chronoris LE
It was not easy to find Oris Chronoris in a shop, but I managed to get my hands on BOTH Chronoris models - the "standard" orange dial and the Limited Edition with green dial. The impression that one gets from the Oris webpage is that these watches and in particular the LE are bulky. Once you get the watch in your hands this impression changes to SOLID. The size difference is just merely 2 mm, but in my case it meant that the LE was just a tad too big. Also, the green color on the leather strap of the LE just does not look so good (and does not fit the green tone of the dial). In contrary - the orange strap of the Chronoris fits the dial color perfectly. The dial of the Chronoris compared to LE is a bit less busy, but I would not say that the LE is overloaded. In this regard both watches are design masterpieces - pleasure to look at but comfortable to use/read at the same time. Kudos to Oris.

Size & weight:
- case is 40mm in diameter without crown, 44mm including the crown.
- case height: 14.5mm
- lug to lug is about 44mm
- weigh with leather strap: 105g. I find it just right - definitely not heavy on the wrist.
- lug width is 20mm. As the lugs have "standard" shape, it should be possible to fit different straps and bracelets.
- the water resistance is 50mm. Now - if you ask me - a watch in this price class (even it is not a watch designed for water sports) should be rated to 100m. Period. I would gladly pay a bit more for that.

I was first concerned about the height of the watch - nearly 15mm is a lot - but one needs to realize that (as many other watches) the Chronoris bottom side tappers strongly towards the edges what results in the glass "belly" to sink a bit in your hand. The watch is noticeable but looks and feels thinner once on the wrist.

The case:
Slightly oval shape and not much tapering towards edges make this watch look larger at first. The finis is "hand rubbed" (not matt) on the face and polished on side and bottom.

The dial & hands:
The color is deep (in brown tone) warm grey. The very fine grooving (nearly invisible with naked eye) makes for a semi - glossy reflections that remind the reflection off an LP or CD a bit. While there is no hour numbering the lumi dots together with small glossy metal markers provide more than sufficient readability. The orange strip between 12 and 9 o'clock position serves no particular purpose, but is one of the most important design tidbits.

The small dial is a 30 minute chonograph. The main second hand moves only when the chronograph is activated. As there is no other second hand (like in the case of the LE where the smallest dial at 9 o'clock takes over the running second role) - there is not second hand running. I was a bit unsure about this, but do not find it a problem. For some it could be even an advantage not be be distracted by the movement.

The lume:
There are 11 lume dots (there is not lume dot at 12 o'clock) and the lume is applied to minute and hour hands. Concerning the brightness - this is not a divers watch. I did not really test it, but the first impression is - it will give a good reading over shorter period, but not the whole night. After charging for a few seconds under a lamp it is very bright. However after 15 minutes in darkness only the hands are still visible.

The leader strap:
Very well done with sporty looking holes that I guess will be practical in summer. It tappers what has once great advantage - once on your wrist - the movable eyelet will not (can not due to its size) move beyond the end of the strap. Very practical in my opinion.

The clasp is easy to position to fit your wrist. The only problem could be for somebody with wrist say 6" (I have 6.5" and have no problem) that once you move the clasp too far, the metal part will become unpleasant - especially if you like a tight fit of your watch. The reason is that contrary to metal and rubber bands - the clasp can be adjusted only on one side of the strap. The other is fixed in the leader so the smaller wrist you have the more does the clasp move towards the "upper" side of your wrist. But this is probably true for all leather straps I guess.

The metal & rubber strap:
I have not used the metal strap yet - looks nice and sturdy, but I can not comment on it. Looks like other Oris metal straps.

Yes - one can get an Oris rubber strap (I have asked) - the serial number is: RS 4 20 19FC

The crown & pushers:
The quick lock mechanism requires only little push-and-rotate movement to lock/unlock. I find it very practical and easy you use - yet secure enough not to change some setting accidentally. Concerning the chronograph start/stop and reset pushers - I was first surprised by the amount of pressure needed to push them, but now I appreciate that they do not get pushed accidentally.

The Chronograph:
As already mentioned - the Chronoris has a limited chronograph version as it misses the hour dial (compared to LE and most other watch). On the other hand - most uses I have for chronograph are bellow 30 minutes (preparing a tea for example) and even periods up to 1 - 2 hours are not a problem.

The Movement:
ETA Valjoux 7750. The red color of the rotor fits the design of the Chronoris (for the LE I would wish it would be painted green instead). Precision: as the watch does not have a second hand it is not really possible to measure day by day variations. I have set the watch a week ago according to internet and when compared now I would say the difference is less than +20 seconds - after a week! So no complains here.
UPDATE: after two weeks the movement runs somewhere between +2 and +4 seconds. I am fine with that ;-)

As you probably notices - I like the watch very much. There is little I would imagine could be improved apart from the water resistance and the lume. The only feature I miss (that the big LE brother has) is the GMT as I particularly like the way it is implemented on the LE.

So - is it going to be my only watch? Yes and no. For daily use I do not need/want anything else, but for sports and more distant traveling I would like to get some nice 100-300m GMT watch, possibly with chronograph. If the Chronoris would have that I would not have to look any further.

The only watch one can reasonably compare the Chronoris to is the Chronoris LE which is bigger, has full chronograph, small second and GMT. But it comes at much higher price - and with the same 50m WR.

Now - finally the PHOTOS (bigger see my Flickr):

The case looks wider relative to strap that it really is:

On my 6.5" wrist

Case and Movement

Dial close-up - I love the way the text is painted

The strap

No - I would not dare to open the Chronoris :unsure:

My never used bike glowes (dream that did not come true - but I still have both kidneys!)


Compared to 32mm Oris Big Crown POinter Date of my wife (bought on the same day). Please make no conclusions about our relationship base on this image :-d

And very last: the Oris rubber strap that should (according to Oris fit) - the "4 20 19FC":

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Reading your solid review and seeing your shots makes me feel very sad that I sold my Chronoris several years ago.
How things change - at that time I thought the watch was large.

Thanks for taking the time.

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Very lovely watch, from the pictures it appears that the date is magnified, could you confirm that?


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I was deployed to Afghanistan when I first saw this watch as advertised in a men's magazine. I clearly remember it being my very first "dream watch." Prior to that time I had only owned and warn a few different Citizen models. A year or two later I spotted it in a shop while I was Christmas shoping with my kids. I asked to see it and try it on....It was even my beautiful in real life. When I saw the price tag, I must have made a face. The sales person talked me through their "financing" options. As an active duty member of the Air Force, I counldn't imaging spending that kind of money on a watch. Not at that time anyway. Several years later I was in a different place in my life and had move on with my now growing collection of watches. I was able to purchase this watch without financing and closed the loop on my very first "dream watch." I still wear it regularly and still LOVE this watch. It's different than most that you see with a great sporty look. I recently found the new collection at Lew & Huey and am crazy for his Spectre model. Same case look and feel. Anyway. This watch ALWAYS reminds me of a differnt time in my life. I know I'm LATE to this post but it still invokes great feelings and memories...Thanks for the pictures.

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I've been watching this watch at my local seconds watch dealer for sometime. After uhm ahm for months and months, was happy enough to snap this one up when it was reduced...

Amazingly given how rare it is (most others were the standard orange without second hand) it didn't sell for months, I guess the photo doesn't do it's green hue proper justice, the casing may not to everyone taste, but when you see it in flesh, wow...'what a nice watch, very very unique, unlike other dime a dozens Tag Carreras you often see (don't get me wrong, I do have a Tag Carrera too for my "daily" and love that watch too)...

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The Oris Chronoris GP70 LE is a beautiful Racing heritage chronograph with GMT function. Glad you snapped it up when you had the opportunity. Seldom seen on the used market, and it commands a certain value for sure. Many of my friends are still looking for one with no luck.

After searching around for months, I managed to get mine from a Collector. Full set with Racing gloves and watch not worn. It's on it's way to me now as I type this. So excited! ;-)
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