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Hello everybody,

At the begining of December, I have acquired an new Oris XXL Complication 581 7516 40 61 LS watch with all the papers from
CADHOR S.A. - an official Oris distributor in Geneva, Switzerland.
Across the first two weeks of everyday - and mostly everynight - wearing the watch, I observed a daily gaining rate between 3 and 4 seconds per day. :)
Anyway, I suffered an enough violent car crash recently and since then, the watch is gaining daily between 6 and 11 seconds per day. :-| I tend to make a correlation between the shock (even though the watch has suffered no physical contact) and the new daily gaining rate.
Could my supposition be correct? If this is the case, are there any means to have the watch fallen in its previous gaining?​

Thank you for you for your answers :thanks ,

P.S. The gaining of the watch is calculated against in Windows, daily.
The movement is Cal. Oris 581, base ETA 2688/2671.

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A significant shock, such as a car crash, could cause that. I would have a watch maker (your local one or one from Oris) check the watch to be sure there is no damage and readjust the watch. It should be back to where it was, maybe better.

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