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Thought I would at least try the Orkina brand, off of eBay, a couple of months back. Wasn't expecting much for under $19 USD, shipped from China, and received far worse than what I had hoped for.

This is not going to be so much of a review as a Buyer Beware!

Link to actual purchase:
Orkina 43mm Diving Style Sport Date Quartz Noctilucent Analogue Wrist Watch | eBay

The seller, joviviusa, touts the watch as "ORKINA 43mm Diving Style Sport Date Quartz Noctilucent Analogue Wrist Watch" and claims a 3ATM water resistance although at this price I would never temp the watch gods with even a splash in its general direction.

Watch, as expected, is cheap. Quartz movement seems fine; however, it is a Chinese knockoff of a Japanese movement and this is one UGLY movement, even for a quartz. Looks like something off a Russian made transistor radio, circa 1960's.

Watch face was crooked in the case on arrival and no amount of messing with it could fix. The bezel wiggles like a fat man on a treadmill and didn't align with the 12 o'clock marker no matter what I did.

And the bracelet, well, I went with metal in the hopes of avoiding the usual horrific leather bands offered on these types of watches. Should have gone with the leather. Link adjustment was so tightly jammed together as to keep me from removing a link at all. And sharp edges galore. The clasp was spooky sharp!

Not to mention the dented metal cover on the bezel, the fact that the bezel itself actually has a thin metallic sticker, that was scratched, on it instead of actual bezel work in the metal. And a cheap, plastic crystal to boot.

As I said, I wasn't expecting much but this thing is an utter POS. Did save the case and the quartz movement in case I get a hankering to try to make some monster of my own with it. At least I didn't even waste a full $20 on it.

Oh, and the "warranty?" Sure, pay to ship it back to China, at my cost, so they can "evaluate with (their) supplier.". Riiiight...

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