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I for one would never have sent it to the company in Switzerland. I'll be curious to know how much they charge. I bet you a thousand box you could have the same work done for much less by an independent guy. If you accept my bet, you can pay me a thou, and still save money on the whole thing. And save time as well. Just my two cents...

You say . Don't you think they know that as well? So what do they think? Here's what they think: "We are going to make this watch like new so he will be able to earn on it? no way! He's going to pay what it will be worth when we are finished". They will charge at least 1500 $, is what I expect.

PS I hope I'm wrong! But it could be a lot more as well. I've recently seen Zenith charge 1800 euro for servicing a vintage Zenith El Primero from the same period. Other companies like JLC may even charge more.
I have never heard of tag vintage service restoration but I would rather give it to a qualified independent watchmaker. About Zenith, they will overcharge for a basic service even on a vintage automatic or handwound watch. With JLC it depends of what you give them for servicing or restoring, if it is a vintage geomatic, geophysic or memovox, you are going to spend at least 1900-2000€ if not more
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