Parmigiani Fleurier pays tribute to its ultra-thin model the Tonda 1950 honoring it with a fully skeletonized dial to showcase the minute details of its mechanism.

The process reveals all the refinement of the movement, from the complexity of its drivetrain to the beauty of each decoration.

The Tonda 1950 Skeleton exposes its gears, including components which never usually see the light of day. The main plate and bridges have been skeletonized to their very limits, only retaining as much substance as the watch needs to operate.

The barrel is also open, finally allowing the winding spring, the source of energy for the watch, to be seen with the naked eye. The oscillating micro-weight can now be glimpsed from the back and on the surface of the movement. The caliber PF707 has 18 internal angles on the bridges and main plate, and every detail is chosen to enhance the skeleton work.

The Tonda 1950 Skeleton is 40 mm in diameter, with a thickness of just 8.2 mm. It extends into four lugs which flank the strap, with their iconic teardrop shape echoing the curve of the wrist.

The steel folding buckle can be adjusted to 5 positions. With one press, the wearer can adjust the effective length of the strap without having to switch to another attachment hole in the leather. Everything has been carefully designed to ensure the wearer enjoys perfect comfort and ergonomics. Price: TBC

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