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Hi all,

Upon my request I received two Parrera watches from ACE Jewelers Amsterdam last week. As you can see in the attached pictures, I received one white and one black model.

First some details (provided by ACE):
Parrera Ceramic Day Date Chrono wrist watch completely made of hi-tech ceramics with a high quality Swiss quartz movement.
The watch is 5 bar waterproof, has a sapphire crystal and and the following functions: chronograph, day indicator and date window. The strap is made completely of hi-tech ceramics and stainless steel links. Movement: ISASWISS 8172-calibre.

Then on to the first impressions. I opened the boxes with my wife and daughter present. Both were very much (and when I say "very", I mean "VERY") attracted to the White model and tried it on with the strap not adjusted. You probably have seen your wife, daughter or girlfriend do the same. They just can't wait to try it on properly :)

Anyhow, I have a problem now.... It's obvious I will need to get them a white model and this is costing me money. Fortunetaly the price is right at EUR 250.00 including taxes. And besides, how can I refuse them a watch they like this much? Oh well, here goes a bit of my savings ... again.

Ok, let's see some pictures to prove these are really quite nice. You may notice the very nice carbon-like textured dial. The diver bezel is a bit hard to turn, but hey, who would want to dive with such fashionable watches with a 5 bar water resistance anyway?

Is it a hype or are these ceramic watches to last? All I know is that they are every where in the stores now and all fashion brands have several of these in their collection. And I know ... I was away on a holiday in the US and my daughter kept dragging me to the watch windows, looking for the one she liked best (DKNY, Michael Kores, GC, etc.). Well, back home she found the one just right for her.

One more proof of these watches being hot? ACE sold out their first collection already! If you want one, then please allow them up to two months for delivery. The good news is that by the time the watches are back in stock they will have more and new models!

Parrera watches are available from ACE Jewelers Amsterdam (they sell worldwide).

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I placed an order with ACE for my IWC a few days ago. Today I was browsing the site and came across the Parrera range. My wife had the same reaction as your wife and daugher had, she loved the watch, and that's just from the photos.

Reminded us both of the Chanel range, very similar. I'm liking the price on the Parrera much better as the $4000 difference could be put towards my ;-) next watch. To me, and I may be totally wrong here, Chanel watches seam like a overpriced fashion watch lacking the spirit of my beloved brands (IWC, Omega, JLC, Rolex etc.). The Parrera differs from the Chanel enough not be be mistaken for a cheap 'copycat' yet with the quality of a swiss movement (even if it is quartz & entry level). Mind you, I'm getting all this from photos.

ACE; you may have found my next birthday gift for my beloved.


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