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PAW1500 & PRG80 comparison photos

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Just received a PAW1500 today. Here are some comparison shots with my PRG80YT.

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Yes, can't wait for the all black Titanium version to be released. :-!

There are some features that I prefer more on the 80 than the 1500 and vice versa. I do agree that the 1500 is an improvement over the 80 though. One day, Casio will get it right on the money. |>
Ok I need this clearing up. As someone who has never used the timer function, I really need to know what you need to regularly time over a 24 hour period?

I can understand it for cooking and the like but other than that I have found no uses for it?
The only person I can think of who would benefit from a 24hr timer is Jack Bauer; so that he knows how much time he has left in saving the world. :-d
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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