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PAW1500 & PRG80 comparison photos

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Just received a PAW1500 today. Here are some comparison shots with my PRG80YT.

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Excellent pics! :-!

I just can't understand why Casio went back to the 1 hour timer in the 1500 after they got a 24 hours one in the 1300. :-(
No-one wants a 24 hour timer.

Ok I need this clearing up. As someone who has never used the timer function, I really need to know what you need to regularly time over a 24 hour period?

I can understand it for cooking and the like but other than that I have found no uses for it?
Some people use it for things like sleeping, if they don't have a specific time to get up, but also don't want to stay in bed too long. Rather than set an alarm to go off at a specific time, they'll just set a timer for 8 hours when they go to bed. Yes, they could just set an alarm by calculating the right time, but it's much easier to use a timer.

Some drugs need to be taken at intervals, rather than at set times. So you might be told to take a pill first thing in the morning, then another 4 hours later etc. But you are told not to take them any more frequently than 4 hours, so it's no good having pre-set alarms, because you might have taken the first pill later than you intended. You want the timer to indicate when it is 4 hours since you actually took the pill.

If I'm doing something on the computer, and it says that it has an estimated time of completion of, say, 2 hours 35 minutes, then I can set a timer to alert me. Again, I could just set an alarm, but I hate having to calculate current time + 2:35, especially if the current time's minute value is > 25. :-d
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