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I have always seen Hamilton as a value for money watch, they have great designs, fantastic build quality, and well, an “affordable“ price. While they are no where in the cheap watch league, but they are great watches for the money.

What I have here, is something very unusual. The Hamilton khakis are usually field watches, tool watches, a no-nonsense piece of time keeper that, basically is nothing extremely fancy in any kind of way, but this one, is a different breed. And I honestly find it quite surprising (and very refreshing) that they went for this route. They do have similiar line for jazzmasters and viewmatics, but seeing it in the Khaki line-up is quite unusual!


The Hamilton Khaki Skeleton is pretty obvious with it’s name, its a skeletonized watch. It is a time only watch, no date, no nothing, with a running seconds hand, and well, a skeletonized dial exposing it’s quite nicely decorated movement.

Measuring at 42mm wide, I personally find that this watch is a tad too large, I would think at 40mm, it would be best suited for a time only device, but more on this later.

Lug width is 20mm wide, and lug to lug measurement is around 48.5mm, which is in overall measurement quite a reasonably sized watch. It is on my edge of the larger size watches, and it sits nicely on the wrist. You can see that there are alternating brushing and polishing on the case, notably the polished bezel, and the all brushed case.



Turning to the sides of the case, you can see it is pretty bland on both sides, It features a slightly curved lugs that hugs the wrist, and a signed crown on the other side. Really there is nothing of note here, and well, most watches don’t anyway.

But you can see that the watch is pretty thin, I didn’t measure it, but I am guessing it is around 10mm or less. A great thin-ness to wear under the cuff should you wish so, and definitely makes it easier to wear as well.


On the back you can see a display caseback, it proudly shows the modified and skeletonized ETA movement. I think it is based on the ETA 2824, but you are welcome to research it yourself. It is a well known robust movement, and very reliable.

The decorations on the movement are pretty great, and you can see the Hamilton logo etched on the rotor. The back side of the case is also fully brushed, with a pretty larger caseback and notches to open and close it. I assume it is a screwdown caseback, thus making it better on water protection than screw in or snap on casebacks.



Now, the most interesting part of this watch is the dial. Skeletonized dials always facinate me, and I personally think that they are harder to do, and you really need to get it right, otherwise it will just look ugly. Hamilton here, succeeded very well in doing it.

Earlier I mentioned that it is quite large for a time only watch at 42mm, but look at the details Hamilton has packed inside the dial. Sure the movement is quite small, so it only occupies some 66% of the dial in the centre, but outwards from the movement, Hamilton did not cut any corners, and did really great details with it.

You can see the layers of the dial clearly, the honeycomb layer is actually raised and transparant, there are clear deep engravings, you can see the HHHH monogram on the mainplate, and well, just wow. Look at the applied arabic numerals, the thick red tipped seconds hand, and the favorite part, the Hamilton logo is actually etched/printer under the crystal. This makes it really ooze class and elegance. You can see for yourself, how every single thing is nicely done.

Sure it won’t win awards like a skeletonized Audemarts Piguet, or Jacob & Co. But it’s not trying to be one, and it’s giving you a really nice option for skeletonized watches.


On my 16.5cm circumference wrist with an oval profile, the watch wears really nicely. It is light, it Is thin, but yes, it is on the limited of my wrist. Due to the dial being busy, it actually helps making the watch look less large, if you know what I mean.

For a price of around or under $1300 new, and definitely less than $1000 preowned, I think this is a great great watch to buy if you are into skeletonized watches. You can wear this with a rubber strap, you can wear this with any leather strap, it will fit in just nicely.

Though many will bemoan the harder to read dial, but I digress, the dial is very easy to read, and I don’t mind using it as a daily beater.

Overall, I would highly recommend this piece to anyone who wishes to delve into skeletonized watches, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading!
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