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Petition for Blue Seatime Bezel

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I know there are others that yearn for the blue Seatime bezel. I'm hoping we can come together and offer STOWA enough demand/incentive to produce them again.

Thumbs up |> if you'd purchase one!


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Maybe a petition for the one-off bronze bezel Jorg made for one of our lucky Stowa brethren would drum up more interest!

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pic borrowed from member Terri (Andreas)
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I contacted Stowa to see if they could remove the blue insert from a pre-owned stainless bezel and install it on a titanium bezel. I figured it was a long shot, but I received the following response from Nina:

"I talked to my colleague and I have good news for you because we have one blue bezel. So if you are interested in you can send me an email and I can order the watch for you with the blued bezel."

I no longer had an excuse to hold off on the Seatime! Hopefully it'll arrive in 4 weeks (or sooner)! I'd still like to order a spare blue bezel, though! Eventually I'll order the green, red/orange, and black!
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