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Hey guys,
So as usual, I am having a tough time making a decision on which watch I really want and since I can't actually handle and try on a Doxa, I'm having to rely on photos and videos.
I've narrowed my color choice down to the SH versions. I'm a sucker for black dials it seems.
I have been looking at the 600 T-Graph SH real hard, but just recently saw an HD video of the GMT SH and although I'm not a real flashy watch guy (bright colors etc..) the amount of orange on the GMT is very attractive.
My only reservation on the T-Graph is that the subdials look kind of cheep-ish.;-) Not alot of depth to them...if that even makes sense. I almost like the Silver T-Graph better, but it really depends on the photo!o|
So...just wondering if anyone had a photo of the T-Graph SH next to the GMT SH for comparison.
Thanks in advance guys!:thanks
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