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Pics From the Grand Seiko Road Show @ AZ Fine Time

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So finally, after almost 2 weeks, we have our pictures from the Grand Seiko Road show we hosted. We will also have some video some time soon. I hope you enjoy the pics and I apologize for the delay.

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Great pictures! Your shop isn't what I expected. It's so cozy and has a great "man cave" [hate that term] feel, brimming with treasures. I'd love to visit someday. :)

I thought of a new question I'm not sure was addressed in the earlier PR. In Japan there is an exclusive 'Mastershop' designation for some Grand Seiko dealers. These dealers carry models exclusive to the Mastershop line, and occasionally even exclusive to their store. To what extent, if any, will this carry over to the US dealers?
Thank you! We are definitely very different from most watch stores/jewelers. We're a big men's toy store, and yep, got a sweet "man cave" too. Hopefully we'll get you out someday soon. It would be a pleasure to have you by.

Very good question. The best answer I have right now is... I hope so.
Great picts Joe. Looks like a good time. Love the picture of the Boom-Boom Room (third from the last). Between the booze, cigars, watches and pretty ladies, I'd get in so much trouble in your store.
One day I will own a GS. I have a MM300 now and love it but lots of GSs has such a classic look to them. Thanks for sharing the pics and great shop/event
Thanks Joe! BTW- Received the Citizen Signature Perpetual Calendar the other day and it is a very fine looking timepiece! Very pleased!
Great! Always nice to hear good feedback. It is definitely a great looking piece. Let me know if there's ever anything I can do for you and most importantly... Enjoy!
Awesome! Thanks for sharing photos of the event, Joe. Your store looks top-notch. I have some in-laws in Arizona and if I ever head there for a visit, I'm dropping by to check out all the good stuff!
Looks like a great happening. ;-)
Your place is the ideal man cave, great toys to tempt the bare wristed man. lol.
Great pics, would be awesome to drop by one day.
Thanks for sharing again, I hope it can be an annual event for you guys. ;-)
Looks like a great time was had by all last year.
Fantastic fotos, gorgeous timepiece, and a very sweet place to visit, indeed!

Thanks a lot for the very nice fotos, Joe!

I definitely will visit your store whenever I drop by. We are always hungry for another watch.

Very Best Regards . . .

Capt. Serdal
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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