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Hello ! Thank you for visiting my page!
I do watch straps. This is my hobby.
I offer photos straps Made recently.
They are made from an old military ammunition.
The photograph paletka card, use it in the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army. It was made until 1946.
Her condition was very bad, I gave her a second birth).
DSC01734.JPG DSC01736.JPG DSC01739.JPG DSC01746.JPG DSC01747.JPG
After processing the oil and kneading, the skin darkened.
DSC01800.JPG DSC01793.JPG DSC01795.JPG DSC01799.JPG
Here's what happened .
The first strap .
DSC01805.JPG DSC01813.JPG DSC01816.JPG DSC01812.JPG DSC01814.JPG DSC01820.JPG
The second strap .
DSC01863.JPG DSC01867.JPG DSC01887.JPG DSC01879.JPG DSC01876.JPG DSC01878.JPG DSC01880.JPG DSC01881.JPG


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Nice work - great job on the stitching, and I really like the way you integrated the old snap hole into the tip of the tail.
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