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I'm hijacking this antique thread, as it seems to be the only occurence on WUS for this disappeared brand, and as I've precisely 'inherited' last week-end a PIRATRON :)

Vintage quartz : PIRATRON "Michael Groß" edition

Not much is known about this brand ; it's supposedly the ancestor of the French brand "Pierre Lannier", an entry-level brand, mostly selling their watches in malls and jewelries.

Here's a blog mentioning this theory (translation provided by Google) :

It is credited with dubious origins with the evolution in the 80s of a brand of poor quality, now extinct: Piratron . There is currently no way to confirm this rumor, which in any case would be in the spotlight of a company that would have known how to evolve positively
But there's no definitive proof, so, it remains a mystery :think:

My model is a "Michael Groß - Albatross" LE edition :) it probably goes back to the mid-eighties :think:

The watch itself runs perfectly fine (I'm wearing it since last week-end :-! ).
Accuracy/timekeeping is spot on with my computer clock O_O (it hasn't gained/lost a single second in 4 days !).

Its condition is rather good, the plated case has no visible scratches, the only visible defect is a liquid crystal "leak" in the lower left of the screen (which doesn't seem to have any negative on the time keeping :think:

Functions are :
  • Hour-Min-Sec
  • Am/PM or 24h display mode
  • Month-Date-Day
  • Alarm (programmable)
  • Hour Beep
  • ¹⁄₁₀₀ chronograph with LAP function
  • 100m WR

There's no light on this model.

It's a nice reminder of the quartz frenzy of the 80s' and for now, I'm wearing this family inheritance with pleasure :-!
It only took a bit of cleaning and a new battery, and the watch was back on tracks after probably 30 years of sleep :)

Today on Velcro :


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Ha ha. Totally awesome. Respect to you for embracing this piece of history.
Thanks mate ;-)

Well, honestly, I have a special fondness in my heart for these 'cheap' pieces.

After all, they're still running perfectly fine after decades, this one is still in very good condition, and on top of that, it was free ! What's not to like ? :)
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