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Pita Barcelona Oceana PVD All Black

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I finally got my all black Oceana!

It was a long wait, but well worth it. Daniel Jiménez was a pleasure to deal with. We exchanged many e-mails during the buying process, exploring a couple of finishing ideas (PVD vs DLC). I really felt like I had a hand in my final watch. He always answered all of my questions. A+ for service and effort. It's hard to believe a two man operation produced this impressive watch.

I have been wearing this beast for about a week now. First impression are that it is extremely easy to wear. I had some initial worries about the thickness. It's massive profile has not been an issue at all to me. My only real criticism is that it's really hard to read the numbers and marks on the bezel. It is all blacked out and the engraving is really shallow. There is not much of a shadow line to make a good contrast.

The strap is really awesome. I would say it is probably the best rubber strap I have come across. Super soft, supple, thick and extremely comfortable. I wish it matched the PVD (the PVD has a slight sheen to it, not a matte finish) a bit better, but not that big an issues to me.

The time setting mechanism is very impressive. It is seemly such a simple concept, that works so it. A real innovation here.

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So, how do you set the time? That ring of bumps on the back side act as a crown of sorts?
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