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Hello Pilot watch fans. I have been a member of the overall forum for years but never stepped into this particular forum. I’m mostly a diver watch fan but the bug for a pilot watch has started to bite. I turn to you all for advice and suggestions.
Inside the next few months I plan to purchase my next piece. I’ve somewhat narrowed it down to either a Sinn 104 A St Sa or an IWC Pilots watch Mark XVIII

Now I understand different countries of origin and the price difference but what I need advice on is whether the price difference is noticeable? Is there really nearly $3000 of quality difference between IWC and Sinn? I have never owned a sample of either and have always considered a Sinn a sort of Grail (of course I was at that time looking at a U1) but since he itch has arisen I’ve started looking into IWC and just want advice: will I know where my extra money has gone if I were to go the IWC route?

Sorry if I rambled but thank you in advance for any and all pictures, comparisons, advice and suggestions.


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It seems you have owned watches from both brands. Probably you know the answer better than many people here.

For me, IWC wins in two areas: AR coating and overall design. In the price range of Sinn, you have many other options, just to name two: Muhle and Fortis.

There is really no alternative to IWC from western brands, if you are attracted by IWC design and elegance.
Or there are some Aliexpress watches, like Cronos has an IWC homage, 1 mm smaller in case diameter, a bit different hands. The build quality is on par with many Swiss/German ones. I would say it is much better than the stowa I had, quite comparable to Muhle Glashutte terrasport.
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