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I own early single pusher wrist chronograph for Russian market.

Dial signed by Paul Buhre in cyrillic, orthographic rules from pre 1918.
Case of 18k gold bears Swiss metric and Imperial Russian hallmarks.
Case is equally marked (punch) by Paul Buhre and it's serial numbers dates it approximately to 1909.

Movement is 15.5 lines and similar movement is presented in Lang & Meis book under number "25"
It looks for me to be made at 1920s rather in 1900s... The balance is monometallic, light-colored hairspring, not blued.
I cannot see what the dial is, but it's probably varnish covered metal, not enamel.

I don't see the signs of any parts, case, dial and movement seems to be original to each other.

Year ago, in discussion on Sabina chronograph, user Tomact1960 wrote that
> very early Hahn caliber (their very first chronograph calibers were, actually, without designation) which almost looks like a "2" or even "3".

Could anyone give me opinion on the watch??

Thanks in advance.

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