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Please help identify this Seiko watch.

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Well I love watches & i'm thinking about starting a collection, but I'm a complete noob. I purchased a Seiko watch with the description Seiko Sports 100, 7N42-7129. I only bought this because the watch I really wanted was no longer available & it was very cheap. I figured I'd take a little risk, knowing the amout I paid for it, even the cheapest Seiko watch cost more. I have searched endlessly on the internetz for any info but haven't had any luck. So I really don't know much about it, can someone fill me in? Thanks!
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Dont know the specific model but these came out the latter part of the 90's. A coworker of mine back in 98 or so had a 2tone version of that watch. Its Kinetic if I remember correctly.


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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