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hey guys - OK, I think I've narrowed my choices down to these two:

Sinn UX or Breitling Colt II Quartz


- use the same movement (ETA Thermaline 10-15 sec +/-)
- come on rubber straps
- can get for about the same price from an AD
- practically indestructable

UX pros: unique, minimalist look, unlimited depth rating, readability at any angle
UX cons: long term viability of oil filled unknown (i.e. dial or oil discoloring), have to send to Germany for service

Colt pros: serviceable anywhere, known reliability and quality, numbered indices (plus for me)
Colt cons: common, more cluttered appearance w/ hr, 24-hr, sec and bezel markings

Anything I'm missing here? I don't think I can go wrong either way actually, but I can't get both! ;-)

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My UX, and others I've read about, has a peculiar "jerky/back-up" movement in the second hand at certain points around the dial. At times pronounced, at other times hardly there at all.
If this would bother you, you're forewarned.
Lume also pretty much sucks on mine, due to the oil I imagine.
It lost one second in the first 2 wks, but after re-setting, it's still spot on for the last 10 days.
It is a great looking watch and the angled, crystal clear views are really nice.
With the sub steel, chances are it'll look new 10 yrs from now barring any disasters, a definite plus vs. the Colt.
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