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[This is a repost from the main Ball forum. I'll get the hang of this eventually]

Hello all,
I'm new the forum and largly to the active community. I've enjoyed watches for years but only in the past 12 months accepted it was something more. Since then I've been focused on learning the history and appriciating mechanical movements. In doing so I've especially been excited about Railroad watches. I recenlty aquired this on a lark and think I'm pretty excited.

I recently acquired a Ball Wristwatch. Information I have onit is below. I am trying to learn more and was hoping you could help me withwhat I don’t know. I’m pretty new at this and have become more interested inRail watches while also having family in Oberlin and Cleveland. For thesereasons the watch and story / history is exciting to learn. This watch is afirst for me in a few ways and I want to be careful with it. What I think I know:

  • Ball Rail watch from 1965 or earlier.
    • Back of the watch is engraved. Evidently it was a gift to employee of the E. J. & E. railroad for 45 years of service. Dated 1965.
    • I suspect it is manual wind
    • May be an early “trainmaster” addition but not marked as such.
    • I believe this is a Porcelain dial or something similar with an acrylic crystal.
I’ve included some pictures below. When I took off the back to see the movement there is an additional encasement. I suspect that this is the anti-magnetic component. I don’t know how to remove this safely and have stopped at this point as to not damage the watch inadvertently. How is this removed safely? The watch appears to keep good, if not great, time. I believed it to be automatic so it did stop on me but once I considered it manual and have kept winding over the past week it has been within a few seconds a day or better. Anything you can share from identification, history, value…etc..would be appreciated. This is a fun watch that appears so far to be in good shape and I enjoy learning about it.

Thank you all!

IMG_0004.JPG IMG_0005.JPG IMG_0009.JPG IMG_0011.JPG [SUB][SUP]

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