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Pobeda 1MChZ

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What is your opinion on this Pobeda?
Watch Brown Analog watch Clock Watch accessory

Jewellery Helmet Personal protective equipment Metal Silver

Watch Analog watch Clock Measuring instrument Watch accessory

Watch Analog watch Clock Measuring instrument Font

Watch Analog watch Clock Nickel Silver

I love the look of it, and it seems in very good condition.
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Extremely helpful as always. Thank you :)
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Looks very nice. Ratchet wheel seems to be from ChChZ but this is a minor issue
May I ask about the ratchet wheel, how do you know that it is from ChChZ and not 1MChZ? I am now looking at different pics of 1MChZ Pobedas, but I just cannot spot the difference.
BTW, I have found these really nice sites for Pobedas:
ChChZ has elongated letters and 1MChZ has more square. Look at the letter O.
Nice detail again, i never would have noticed that, thank you. I went through some pics of other pobedas now that you have told me that, and found several watches which such a change. I guess it is expected for 70 year old watches to have some parts changed.
Thank you once again :)
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1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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