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GoS Watches will introduce a new model at Baselworld 2014. GoS Watches is very excited about the "high contrast" stainless damascus steel for which Johan Gustafsson invented and refined the creation process during the autumn.


This gives them another edge (no pun intented) on their previous models with the ability to have a more defined pattern on the cases and other details. There are only a handful of bladesmiths who have succeding in making patternwelded stainless steel. However, Johan has taken it to the level where he is now able to create the same kind of dense and expressive patterns in his new stainless damascus steel as when he is working in carbon based steel.



GoS Watches will use the new steel in both the case and the rotor, which is shaped as the GoS triskele symbol. Patrik Sjögren just finished their first steel rotor but has to wait another week or so
before being able to make the final assembly in the new case. The design of the case and case back is such that the weight of the rotor will be hidden, showing only the movement and the triskele damascus steel rotor.



More information about GoS Watches at
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