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Hello everyone, I am pleased to introduce this year's forum watch project! As has been previously decided in a number of polls, after I have encouraged many competing ideas, we have narrowly landed on my own idea of the Elbrus as this project's theme!

About: The tallest mountain in Russia, and all of Europe, is the dual-peaked wonder of Mount Elbrus (Эльбру́с). Despite mountaineering being a popular sport in the Soviet Union, it surprises me that a mountaineering watch never manifested from the numerous watch factories that existed in the Union alongside the countless dive watches and even a few polar expedition watches. Thus, I thought this would make an excellent subject for a new Russian watch. Going further I have proposed a few design details that hearken back to Soviet wrist compasses and expedition watches to keep the project historically spirited to the pleasure of our collectors and enthusiasts.

Second, I will assert that one of the most popular watches in the past decade is the Seiko Alpinist SARB017, which has just been discontinued this year and to the surprise of many was not revitalized at this year's Baselworld. This presents a unique opportunity to approach those who were not able to purchase one of these models in time as they remaining stock's price steadily rises, as well as appeal to the many over the past decade who were enamored by the Alpinist's unique design. We do not need to create a straight copy or homage of the existing watch, but it sets an undeniable basis to utilize while we collectively decide on a direction to go with our own mountaineering model.

From these two sectors I wish to bring our enormous community together; whether you are a seasoned Soviet and Russian horology aficionado or merely a WIS trying to scratch that latest itch and have never experienced a Russian watch before I hope you will join us in this process!

This project will be conducted in conjunction with Dmitry of and the Chistopol Watch Factory, better known as Vostok, who have each dutifully manufactured several projects in the past for our forum and other communities.

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The watch: The watch will based on the existing Vostok Komandirskie K-34 which, unlike more common models frequently discussed, features a 42mm stainless steel case, dual crown system with internal rotating bezel, mineral crystal, 100m water resistance, and an automatic Vostok movement. These details are not likely to change. Remaining details such as movement features and all elements of cosmetic design will be chosen collectively by the project participants.

Number of units: Ideally we need to push 300 units in order to reach Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), however this may be able to go as low as 200 units but be warned this will accrue a higher price per individual watch. Production will not commence if we do not approach these numbers.

Price: The approximate price is set at an accessible $170.00 USD, the same price as the other models of this caliber. Once again, a lower number of reservations will risk increasing this price. Payment will be made only once the watches are available to order.

Time of delivery: Unfortunately the year is already half over and this project is still just beginning! I expect delivery within the first half of 2019, but I will not ignore the fact that previous projects have taken several years. Nevertheless the scope of this project is much narrower, utilizing an existing watch as a base, and we will do everything possible on our end to shorten the time needed for this project to come to fruition.



Member List:


First and foremost, all WUS rules apply to and supersede those created for this sub-forum; if you have not read them yet please do so now!
1.2 Only registered project participants may post in this sub-forum.
1.3 For the sake of organization and continuity, participants may not create new threads in this sub-forum. Please use the most appropriate thread when creating a post, or the GENERAL DISCUSSION thread for comments that do not directly relate to the subject of an existing thread.
1.4 Unauthorized threads, or posts created by those not registered in the project, will be deleted without further explanation.
1.5 Project managers have the right to exclude anyone from the project who is not following rules, causing disputes, is behaving in an otherwise counterproductive manner or has failed to fulfill their commitment to a previous project on WUS. At all times, as per WUS Forum rules, project participants should remain respectful of each other and the decisions being made.


2.1 This project will only commence once there are enough registered participants.
2.2 Members may purchase more than one watch - only one vote will be allowed per participant regardless of how many watches they have registered to purchase.
2.3 Project managers may, if it is deemed to be for the good of the project, alter the project's structure. These changes are limited to the timetable of the design and voting process, and not to the voting system itself. This rule provides project managers the flexibility needed to keep the project running smoothly and resolve unforeseen problems and unexpected delays.
2.4 Until a project participant has paid for and ordered their watch it will remain the property of the project and can be reassigned by the project managers to another participant. The purpose of this rule is to weed out those who are not faithfully committed to the project, or to be used in conjunction with violating the other rules.
2.5 Once the project has concluded and your watch or watches has completed production, a time limit for the full payment will have to be respected. Those who do not pay for their watch within this time limit may forfeit the watch. Please do not commit to the project if you can not afford to pay for your watch at the time of delivery!


3.1 Every design phase of this project will be decided by a discussion and vote of registered participants. Only those who have registered to be a part of the project can vote.
3.2 The single transferable vote (STV) system will be used to conduct all votes.
3.3 Only in the event of a dispute will a vote be arbitrated by the project managers, who if required, will make a decision in the interest of allowing the project to continue moving forward.
A design element that wins the majority of the votes (>51%) will be considered as having been accepted upon the completion of a vote. No arguments or discussions against the winning vote will be allowed.

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