The last thing any watch collector wants to see is a scratch or nick marring up an otherwise pristine timepiece. But how can you protect your watches while you wear them? This is where WatchShells comes in.

WatchShells began with the experience of running a WhataWatches store in Korea. Many customers wanted the shop to replace their Rolex straps, but they were worried about the process damaging the expensive timepieces. So, the WhataWatches team used masking tape to help prevent damage, which was the inspiration for making WatchShells.

Some scratch-sensitive customers wanted to attempt replace the straps themselves, which was another point of inspiration for creating WatchShells.

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It is fair to point out that your watch may get more scratches from everyday use that it would by replacing the strap. In fact, scratches can often happen in more prominent places like the clasp, bezel inserts, and lugs. So WatchShells wanted to come up with away to protect more than just the strap.

So the WatchShells team got to work and tested a variety of protective films. They found that yellowing and residues were common problems with most protective films, so they needed something new just for watches. After two years of research and feedback from customers, they found a protective film that solved these problems in 2018.

While many owners wear their watches for enjoyment, rather than as an investment, anyone sensitive to scratches on expensive watches would be wise to give WatchShells a try at least once.

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WatchShells was designed to be an affordable way to help protect your watch. According to the company, its developers are said to have considered how to protect more areas and supply protective film for even one part of your watch cheaper.

All told, WatchShells protective film can protect up to 150 parts of luxury watches, which is as much as 54 parts more than other brands. They also provide 24 extra films when you order a premium package.

And if you only want clasp protection instead of full watch protection, WatchShells will sell the clasp part by itself. This means you aren’t buying pieces you don’t want or need.

The WatchShells team worked tirelessly to create a product that protects your watch and fits precisely. The end result is a film that is second to none in the industry.

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The above picture was provided by WatchShell’s boutique partner in Singapore and shows another company’s watch protection film. If you’re concerned about trace marks on removal of the film, you need not be. WatchShells does not leave marks when taken off – simply remove the film by gently pushing the film’s edges or inner parts with a nail or tweezer, then hold it with your hand and pull it out towards your body. The film is water resistant and you can even wear your watch when going for a swim.

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Another essential element of WatchShells protective film is that it is non-yellowing. Yellowing is said to be caused due to exposure to ultraviolet rays. The WatchShells film withstood the 1,000-hour Xenon Headlamp Exposure Test conducted by the National Institute of Technology.

WatchShells’ discoloration rate is extremely low at 0.2%, making it highly resistant to ultraviolet rays. WatchShells can last up to 10 years without noticeable discoloring, but if your watch is frequently exposed to ultraviolet rays, you may want to consider replacing the WatchShells every two or three years.

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Other watch protection films can start to peel off as they rub against your clothes, letting dust get between the film and your watch. However, WatchShells was designed with rounded, so the film is able to hold in place better during day-to-day use.

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Also, through rigorous testing with an R&D center in New York, WatchShells worked to ensure the end-product would be safe and easy to use. The result – a 0.2mm thick protective film, which is attached using only water, without causing skin irritation.

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WatchShells is a protective film designed to fit over 200 types of high-end watches, spanning Rolex, Patek Philippe, AP, Richard Mille, Vacheron Constantine, and Hublot. For those who want to invest in watches, they recommend the Watchshells Premium Package, which protects more than 150 parts of watches. they also recommend standard products that can protect the case, case back, and clasp for those who simply want to avoid scratches on the watch. There is also a film only for the clasp. WatchShells is also offering a 30% discount premium package code for first-order customers only. voucher code: ILoveWatchuseek