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I've already posted a review of the seller (WatchRecon: Amer Sibai | IG: rare_watches) but I wanted to go ahead and also provide more details about the hands themselves given the recent thread on a project Heuer Camaro. I'm hoping that other collectors can be armed with knowledge about what's out there in the market.

I first found the posting on Chronocentric for a great exotic dial Camaro project. The original pictures that were sent to me certainly looked the part. They had the sword points and the flat ends along with a black stripe down the center. Perfect NOS hands for a great project.

After some months trying to track down an elusive chronosweep, I was finally able to have my watch maker put everything together. At first, everything looked great! But there was a problem. The hands were actually too long. So while everything "looked" correct, the proportions of the hands made it so the chronosweep couldn't clear the watch.

Further research on showed there are virtually no example of a Camaro (exotic or otherwise) that have hands that extend past the tachymeter. You can see the difference when you compare the picture side by side.

Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed in myself and my lack of due diligence on this project, but I hope that what I've learned through this experience can help other Camaro collectors with their own projects. I really do love these amazing watches with their unique aesthetics.
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