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(1863) New and complete clock and watchmakers.pdf
(1904) Modern methods in horology.pdf
(1898) On the springing and adjusting of watches (1).pdf
(1904) Watch and clock escapements.pdf
(1889) Clock Jobber's Handybook.pdf

(1944) A practical course in horology.pdf
(1885) Watch and clock making.pdf
(N.D) Modern letter engraving in theory and practice.pdf
(1884) A practical and theoretical treatise on the detached lever escapement for _20110519212633.pdf
(1906) Catalogue of J.E. Brown & Co. Limited.pdf
(1892) Watchmakers' and jewelers' practical receipt book..pdf
(1922) Clocks and watches.pdf
(1860) History of the American clock business.pdf
Lessons in Horology.pdf
(1945) Lancaster's Part in the World's Watchmaking Industry.pdf
(N.D) The American watchmaker and jeweler.pdf
A treatise on watch-work, past and present.pdf

(1875) A catalogue of books, specimens of clocks, watches.pdf
(N.D) Emerging from the Shadows The Waltham 6-size Model 1873M.pdf
(1969) Accutron218ServiceManual.pdf
(1920) Rules and Practice of Adjusting Watches.pdf
(1900) The Perfected American Watch.pdf
Practical course in adjusting.pdf
(1909) Time and its measurement.pdf
(1896) Friction, lubrication and the lubricants in horology.pdf
(1969) Accutron214ServiceManual.pdf
(1866) The watchmaker's and jeweler's hand-book.pdf
(1903) The tower clock and how to make it.pdf
(1862) Isochronism of balance-springs.pdf
On the construction and theory of the dead escapement for clocks (1846)1.pdf
(1883) The watch and the clock.pdf

(1907) The watch balance and its jeweling.pdf
(N.D) Description of the universal time dial regulator.pdf
(1890) Watches at wholesale prices.pdf
(N.D) Balance and Escapement Traits.pdf

(1921) Old Scottish clockmakers from 1453 to 1850

(1904) Old clocks and watches & their makers

(1917) Chats on old clocks

(1894) The watch adjusters

Former Clock & Watchmakers and Their Work

Mechanical philosophy horology and astronomy

The Watch & Clock Makers Handbook, Dictionary and Guide

(1875) Time and time-tellers

(1898) Abbott's American Watchmaker & Jeweler Reference

(1959) Hamilton Electric Watch Service Manual

(1850) A Rudimentary Treatise On Clock And Watch Making
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