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Vostok Amphibia 090 - hand built
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Hey folks,

OK so in front of me is this gawjus Pulsar VD53-X054 in the blue and rose gold but the chrono pushers are missing, its a weird one as it is brand new as still has the front and back clear plastics.

I did contact Seiko UK but for the first time they were pretty unhelpful and somewhat abrupt which until today has not been the usual case and a bit cheesed off as this is a £160 current model from the Accelerator range and having put some decent money into Seiko's pockets of late with a VD53 from the Sport collection and couple others, being told nothing they can do is in my opinion a bit off.

Said I was quite willing to pay for any items as I was when they sourced me the Swarovski gold Pulsar bracelet.

Anyways, the pushers, I have found one of my pin punches fit the tube perfectly and I can activate and reset perfectly using that so do I measure the tube diameter and just get a pair of cheapo circlip types off ebay or Aliexpress and put up with either being gold or silver and not rose gold?

I do have an alternative in I have a blue and rose gold Lige chrono which does have the rose gold pushers, maybe I can break that. Its interesting that Lige have produced an identical rose and blue chrono and I mean absolutely identical to the Pulsar X054 except that has the big red and blue "stop" type buttons, the Pulsar should have the sloped tab type buttons but the dial detail, hands detail, the bezel and case detail is very very similar to each other and I wonder if Lige an Aliexpress outlet wasn't at some point tasked with knocking out a few hundred thousand of these X054's for Seiko and then forgot to stop knocking them out and called 'em Lige's instead.

Am that cheesed off I am considering dropping the ball onto Seiko Japan, I have been a bloody good customer of Seiko and have a considerable Pulsar collection of some 40 pieces in working condition and have always bought Seiko official spares etc where possible including recently three lithium cell kits for my two Kinetics and one Solar.

Anyway, helpful suggestions invited, even Ronda in regards to an ancient 1377 quartz movement were far more helpful than today and that was for a 1976 dinosaur o_O
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