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Put the GW-3000B to the test

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Just got back from the centrifuge this week and wore my new GW-3000B in there, it only went up to 7.5G's but the watch was a lot more comfortable in there than I was.


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That is one fine timepiece. Is the centrifuge fun? I've always imagined it would be, up to a point. I also wish I could take a flight in a jet fighter plane, which must surely be a rush.
I have to say that is one of my least expensive watches and when I wear more peaple ask what is It and They love it.
Yeah they are "rated" to 13-14G right while maintaining proper hand position? There are not many people I'm going to assume that can withstand 14G. 8-9G with a G-suit looks like (from my armchair google research) is about the limit.

I do really like my 3500B but it will never likely never see more G-force then is sustained from dropping it on the floor!
that's very cool. nice to see the watch gets put through what its designed for.

this is like ... actually diving with dive watches .. :p
Well son of a ....., nice test i must say

lol I guess I put a wordy derd up there
Thanks for the comments, a lot of the dudes around the squadron have complimented it. Most of them wear G-Shocks from the PX. Without a doubt, the most common watch I see amongst the military are G's. Its taken over as my flying watch.
I just ordered a GW-3000B because I like the all analogue features.

I also have a GS 1300, but I like the bigger size of the GW-3000. The GS1300 will be a more sedate and 'dress up' version of the analogue Casio.
FongaBonga, nice to know about the GW-3000B holding up in a real G test. :)

Are you in flight school? Do you know other pilots who wear this model G?
Xevious, No, I finished flight school a few years ago. As far as other pilots wearing this watch, 4 other guys in my squadron are putting in a small buy for the watch after seeing mine.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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