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You want quartz?
You can't handle the quartz!

Ok Here's the quartz!
(A few of them that have cool comments to go with 'em.)

I saw this orange 40mm Certina and had have it.
The 40mm case is perfect, and i've never seen another like it.

Speaking of unique, Undone made me a piece, and I modded the hands even more.
Watch Watch accessory Analog watch Fashion accessory Strap

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap

Traded for this 34mm beauty.
The more I wear it the more I fall in love with its elegant simplicity.
Second hand lines perfectly with the numbers.

This is mine. Got it new, wore the heck out of it.
Decided this year that it should be serviced. Once in 35 years is probably enough.
And this too, the second hand lines up perfectly.
Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery

And my Bertucci.
A titanium tank.
Like the Timex of old- it takes a licking' and keeps on ticking.
And it's got better lume than anything else I own.

41 - 60 of 1208 Posts