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I'm just wondering if anyone knows if Ralle aka rallepeng (Vintage Watches International - Vintage Rolex, Rolex-parts and more) has a legit Chrono24 account?

Reason I'm asking this is bc I'm looking for an Omani DD & I spotted one on Chrono24. I noticed the (verified) seller's name was Vintage Watches International, a Green Star status seller on TRF.

I emailed him about the watch last week, because I had a couple of q's regarding B/P, to which he responded immediatly. I respond this morning, asking him how I can be sure it's not just a redial with an engraved caseback & if it'd be possible to get a confirmation via Asprey (I'd gladly take his word for it being genuine, but confirmation's always a plus, ofc).

What followed really baffled my mind (I'm copypasting the convo. Again, mods, if this is innapropriate, lmk)

Vintage Watches International said:
Suprageex, please... you answered after 1 week with such questions? :)
you are not really interested to buy such a watch i think...
further, you always buy not just a watch, you always buy the seller!!
i'm one of the well known rolex vintage specialist in the world and these kind of questions bored me!
check the caseback, there is stamped ASPREY outside and that is the proof of original oman watch with original dial of course,
all the best to find nice watch!

So I responded:
me said:

I was not aware of the fact that the time it takes for one to respond to a mail, stands in direct correlation with the ability to buy something. Does it not occur to you that I might have been busy this week, thus making it impossible for me to respond properly?

Furthermore, I know good and well who you are. That doesn't take away the fact that the possibility of the watch being a simple DD with a dial swap exists. Engravings aren't that hard to fake either. I hope you do understand that I did not want to insult you or insinuate that you did such things, as my question was solely whether or not it'd be possible to verify the authenticity (for resale purposes).

I am in the process of finding a Qaboos DD, but from the tone of your message I understand that you don't wish to sell it to me, or be of any help to me. Therefor I'll refrain from asking you anymore messages and will contact other dealers.

All the best

To which he responds:
Vintage Watches International said:
that was my intention sir, you'll not be my client!
all the best!

I talked this over with a couple of friends & they think the Chrono24 account may be a scammer. I've dealt with a couple of other dealers before and none of them reacted like this. Seeing as he's a trusted seller on TRF, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe even warn him.
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