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Question about dial swapping at Grand Seiko service center

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I have a Sbga011 (Snowflake pre Grand Seiko split) so my dial says Seiko on the top half and Grand Seiko on the bottom half. I was thinking about sending my watch to the Grand Seiko service center in Japan for Zaratsu polishing and was wondering if they allow dial swapping to the new Sbga211 Grand Seiko Snowflake dial. Does anybody know?

Response from Grand Seiko below, another email said they haven't seen a zaratsu polishing quote below $1,000. Also the original dial will be returned to you.


If you want Zaratsu polishing, your watch would need to be sent to Seiko in Japan. We offer a light polishing at our New Jersey service center. Once they receive and evaluate your watch we will contact you with the cost. We do have a $150.00 shipping fee to send your watch to Japan and back. You can have the new version of the dial on SBGA211 installed in your watch. Your cost for the dial would be $1050.00 plus labor.
Please refer to the below link to our service website for our address and information on how to send your watch to us.

Howtorepair - SeikoServiceCenter

Best Regards,
Grand Seiko Customer Relations
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I too would be very interested in what they say and what the options are, so please do keep us posted.

Good luck.
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