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Question Black Dial

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Hey there, I have been looking at the SNK793 and really like the face of it. However I would prefer a black dial as well as the crown at the 3 pm position. Are there any watches that meet my requirements? A larger diameter would be nice as well, *day/date is a must*, hacking/manual wind would be a bonus.

I have been trying to find something like this for a while now but there are just so many models of Seiko's I began to get lost. As well, sometimes the Amazon etc photos don't look as good as "real life" photos and I get turned away.
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Welp, the 795 is the black-dial version of that watch... but as for a 3 oclock crown, you'd probably have buy a second Seiko 5 with the crown position you want, and then have the stuff you want put into the case with the crown. If you get on Amazon and search all the similar Seikos (usually the 'other people bought these' spot), you will probably find a ton of 5's that have nice details, but one thing will be wrong with it... that's how I find most of those 5's =). So again, you either gotta settle on the 4 o'clock crown or mod.

Why do you not like the 4 o'clock crown?
I just prefer a watch with the guard around the 3 pm position. To me it is more eye catchy.

I just looked up the "SNKK93" It has everything I like so far, thoughts on that one? Thanks for the help by the way! Modding is probably the only way I will be truly happy but I am too chicken to do that right now!
Thanks for the information, I decided to purchase it. I haven't seen any "real life" photos of it yet. But I am excited to get it.

* Sadly the SNKK93 is no longer in stock. Any other recommendations?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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