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Hello all.

A few months ago, I purchased a Citizen Campanola from the SC; it's the AH4000-01X. The beauty of this watch is otherworldly; see below:

When I got the watch, it had a few problems. The stem was slightly bent, and I noticed that the date would be correct for a few days, and then begin to lag behind (yes, indeed I "set the reference position" of the hands, several times). I sent the watch to COA, with a letter explaining the problems.

It came back to me with a new stem, and the date had been reset, and all seemed well. However, after a few days, the date hand began to lag once again, and pointed to the space between indicators. I notified COA that the problem specified was not corrected, and I received a phone call and an apology, and free postage back to COA. I'm was quite pleased with the courtesy and professionalism I received.

I got the watch back a few days ago, with an invoice stating the following:



Movement Replacement

Also, the invoice states "Warranty Repair - No Charge." At this point, I was quite happy, and I believed that the movement has been replaced at no charge (although the watch is still within the warranty time-frame, I was informed that transfer of ownership voids the warranty).

Once again, I set all hands to the reference position. The date was correct for two days (on the 14th it points to "14", and on the 15th it points to "15"), but when I got up this morning, to my great surprise, the date hand was incorrect. While it should be pointing to the "16", it is now pointing to the "1" in the number "15".

It appears to me that the technicians at COA simply reset the date hand to the correct position, and then sent the watch back to me. Did I misinterpret their invoice regarding the "movement replacement"? It would be highly unlikely for a new movement to present exactly the same problem as an older, defective movement.

As to my own actions, I have followed carefully all instructions with the watch, and I believe that I have done everything correctly. Again, to summarize, the date was correct for 2 days, and now it's incorrect. This to me signifies a problem with the movement.

Please advise me regarding this problem. It's such a beautiful watch, and I'm quite anxious to get it working correctly, and to make it right. Thank you!
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