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Question re: Miyota 9015 movement

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Hi and thanks in advance for the help.

I have a Tisell Marine Diver, Miyota 9015 movement. It is the only mechanical I own in addition to my Seiko 5 SNK809, which runs Seiko 7S26. I bought the Tisell I would say March or April 2020. I’ve been learning about mechanicals since that time. I know Miyota 9 series is rated less accurately than my results, but I have been getting a timing of -8/9 seconds daily; I have been in the habit of setting the time once per week, when it is a minute off. I let it go two weeks this time, and it was only 1.5 minutes off. I’m really happy with the accuracy for $300 bucks.

I have one concern. I had been in the habit of hand winding the watch every two weeks to keep the mainspring loaded (I usually wear the watch daily, only recently been rotating the SNK809 1-2 times per week as it is a recent purchase). The concern is the last 2-3 weeks, when I try and hand-wind it, I no longer hear that little ‘click’ that denotes a full rotation. Today, I set the time using, and noticed something else too. When I pulled the crown out all the way to hack the second hand, it jolted back the slightest amount before stopping, even before I adjusted the minute hand.

Am I having any problems with this movement? Is the backwards jolt and lack of click a problem with the movement or crown? I still get the same accuracy, and the watch stays working even when off my wrist for 24 hours from just being wound by wearing it.

Also, should I be winding it manually every few weeks? I tried to read about Miyota on a few websites but could not find this answer.
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Should wind smoothly, with no noise, nor any hesitation or unusual resistance.
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