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Wanted to post this to mention the differences besides one being orange and one being blue. They're subtle when looking online, but definitely noticeable in your hands.

*Same 3159 module

*The case back on the R is the machine cut style, while the BA has the cheaper-feeling stamped case back
*The band on the R has the same recessed channel on the outside going down the center as the 5600E/GW-5000-1JF, while the band on the BA is completely flat and smooth (more like a shiny G-Lide band).
*The band on the R feels more flexible. This is probably due to the mentioned channel as it makes the band thinner down the middle.
*While both are a deeper black than the standard 5600E, and both have a slight semi-gloss sheen, the effect is more pronounced on the BA model (I prefer less gloss myself).

Overall, I like the R model a lot more than the BA. In fact, I sent my BA back. Don't get me was a nice watch and I think a lot of people would be happy with it, but the R just feels like a higher quality model overall. And I actually paid more for the BA, so I couldn't justify keeping it.

If you're debating between the two, I highly recommend the R over the BA. The only good reason to choose the BA is if you love blue and hate orange.
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